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The Return
The Return (2003)
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[indent]MOOD: Stressed, other shite I don't feel like mentioning right now
LISTENING TO: Travis - "Give Me Some Truth" / Queens of the Stoneage - "No One Knows"
[/indent][b][i]The Tao of Steve[/i][/b] >> [color=lemonchiffon]C+[/color] >> Funny, smart, if a bit conventional.

[b][i]Money for Nothing[/i][/b] >> [color=lemonchiffon]C+[/color] >> Not as hilarious as Cusack's 80's flicks, but this one has a pretty good story and doesn't have a moralistic ending. (That's a plus in my book.)

[b][i]Very Bad Things[/i][/b] >> [color=lemonchiffon]D[/color] >> Semi-funny, dark comedy that is just too messy and pointless.

[b][i]The Incredibles[/i][/b] >> [color=lemonchiffon]B+[/color] >> Smart, witty, great animation, and other goodness. Not a masterpiece though. Making a kid's film that is a masterpiece is probably one of the most difficult things ever.

[b][i]The Return[/i][/b] >> [color=lemonchiffon]A-[/color] >> Real and touching, nice cinematography as well.

Crank (2006)
20 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[b]Band of Brothers[/b] Beautifully told with wonderful characters. Completely different from [i]Saving Private Ryan[/i], this is more of a personal journey that these soldiers partake. Two actors go on to act in the excellent yet shortlived [i]Boomtown [/i]series.

[b]Team America: World Police[/b] Hilarious. Love the song about [i]Pearl Harbor[/i]. Very good satire. Other than that, not much else to the movie.

[b]American History X[/b] Hardcore topics and great performances from both leads. I wasn't too fond of the way it ended though. Seemed a bit... predictable? or manipulative?

[b]The Last Kiss[/b] Have yet to see the original and I sure hope it is better. Braff's charm can't hold this formulaic relationship drama together.

[b]Crank [/b] Crazy. Did not expect this too be so hilarious and outrageous. Pure entertainment.

The Debut
The Debut (2000)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[b]Plot[/b]: Medium
[b]Entertainment[/b]: Medium-High
[b]Originality[/b]: Medium-Low
[b]Replay[/b] [b]Value[/b]: Low
[b]Acting[/b]: Medium
[b]Memorable[/b]: Low

[*]Fun to watch.
[*]Recommendation: Rent if you aren't looking for something thought-provoking or original.
[*]Grade: C

32A (2007)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[i][b]Play it Again, Sam[/b][/i] >> It's no Woody Allen masterpiece, but it's a light, comical film that's worth a rental.

[i][b]Zero Day[/b][/i] >> Intriguing, gritty, and realistic film about two teenage boys planning a school shooting by making home videos of their steps and procedures.

[i][b]Ben X[/b][/i] >> Watched at Seattle International Film Festival, this is an amazing film with imagination, humor, and heart and isn't condescending to its characters. May remind some of [i]Donnie Darko[/i] although it is definitely its own story.

[i][b]32A [/b][/i]>> Watched at Seattle International Film Festival, it is a sweet, cute, and funny little film.

[i][b]Day Zero[/b][/i] >> Good premise and characters, this movie is only hindered by not clearly portraying its theme of the story.

Larceny (1948)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[list][*]Fun movie.
[*]Funny at times.
[*]It's strange at times and is kinda a satire of how fake people are in LA.
[*]The romance part is kinda stereotypical but I like the quirky ending and the "fuck you" lady who jogs around and gives the middle finger to everyone.
[*][b]Recommendation[/b]: If you are looking for a strange, quirky and funny film but don't need it to be profound and have a deep message, then rent this.
[*][b]Grade[/b]: C+ (I was considering a B-)