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Bloody Birthday
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Really bad Netflix selection. It was great, in that too terrible to actually admit you secretly wished you owned it way. You know, like with half my dvd collection.

Anyway, the day went to hell already so I thought I'd chase it down with some bad movies and a little tea with honey.

I should do a review of this movie. It's just that bad.


In 1970 3 kids are born during a total sclipse of the sun and so they are naturaly evil. Yes, they are. They begin a killing spree, but since they are young and innocent-looking they are able to escape detention until your typical brother and sister next door catch on.

Ha! I will add this to one of my horror lists I'll never finish.

Todo el poder (Gimme the Power)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

TCM (Remake):rotten: Horror film without horror or suspense. I enjoyed the first ten minutes. It all went downhill from the diner. There were a few effects I had fun with, but the only jumpy part was a teeny one at the end. Boy, did that Leatherface look pissed! The only positive thing about this film was the acting by the young leads. Not Oscar-worthy, but a definite improvement over most of the original cast. Thanks for the butt shots of Jessica Biel. Maybe he should have added 50 more of them. :rolleyes: And damn, I never get tired of hearing [b]Sweet Home Alabama. Awesome freaking song. [/b](Not being sarcastic)

Am I being picky because it's a remake? No, not in the least. I enjoyed the Dawn remake a great deal. This remake just blows. It has none of the tense moments of the first TCM. The original, while less "attractive" to look at, has a lot of dreadful and scary moments. The scene at the dining table, with Sally screaming her head off, still makes me tense and anxious. There was no payoff in this film. No big scare, no climax, no GREAT MOMENT. Nothing. A big, empty, pretty, nothing.

[b]TODO EL PODER[/b]--pretty disappointing, and after a good start, too. Mexican filmmaker, gets tired of the crime in his city after being assaulted twice over the course of a few days. He decides to fight back by exposing a local gang of thieves. Just pretty unbelieveable after a while.

[b]BEYOND BORDERS[/b]--:rotten: Beyond Boring. Yawn. Melodrama. :rolleyes:

[b]GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS[/b]--:fresh: I had a blast with this movie. Some of the jokes are predictable or dated, but it is outrageously funny most of the time.
EDITED TO ADD: Also shows the world's [b][size=4]SMALLEST PENIS[/size][/b] ON FILM.