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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Birdemic: Shock And Terror

Birdemic: Shock And Terror(2008)

There are a hundred times during the course of "Birdemic" that I wondered about the mental status of writer/director James Nguyen, but the aspect of the film that I questioned the most was what his intentions were by making it. Did he plan on making a legendarily horrible film that would live on for eternity on the midnight circuit or was he actually trying to make a good film?

Regardless of what he thought he was doing, he has managed to make one of the best bad films of all time, a film that is so inept in every single conceivable way that writing a review seems almost pointless. Nguyen has no idea how people talk, even in conventional settings such as talking with your mother on the phone or ordering from a restaurant. Star Alan Bagh seems to have trouble walking naturally in certain scenes.

The film pushes a green agenda but never really offers a convincing explanation for the bird attacks, and they end as mysteriously as they began. The film spends a full forty-five minutes on these character's mundane lives before the animals even attack, and when they finally do, it's some of the worst special effects I've ever seen. The computer generated birds hover without flapping their wings and make gull sounds when they are clearly eagles. The dialogue is curiously stilted and awkward, the actors seem to have no idea when scenes begin and end and the sound drops out almost continuously throughout the picture. But you'll laugh, loud and often and because of that, the legacy of "Birdemic" will always be secure. And to think, some filmmakers have to actually try to achieve that success.