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9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Iron Man

Iron Man(2008)

[b]Iron Man[/b] is a great summer action movie, not to mention a darn good superhero flick. Robert Downey is perfectly cast as Tony Stark and plays the part of the rich playboy/weapons manufacturer with a wise-ass charm that you can't help but like. And he has enough acting chops to pull off the dramatic parts so you don't just feel he's a caricature but a real character.

The story is fairly stereotypical for these types of movies but is constructed with a nice narrative. It combines enough of the original comics origin story and characters with some thrilling action sequences that serve the story and don't overshadow it. That suit is pretty awesome though. I kept thinking to myself "this is what [b]Transformers[/b] should have been like."

It's fun and made with a sense of fondness for the character that comes through, along with enough skill to set it apart from lesser movies of this type. A near perfect summer popcorn flick.