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The Little Polar Bear
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I saw a bunch of merchandise for this movie in a ton of stores, so I wanted to rent it. It's a german movie, but they dubbed an English version through Warner brothers. I never remember seeing anything about this movie in America. I was curious how it would compare to American or Japanese cartoons. First of all the animation style based on the original illustrations from the kids book series of the same name was delightful. It was really enjoyable to watch. It's storyline was oddly constructed, it's more 3 stories blended into one. The 1st story is about how Lars, the little polar bear wants to be friends with a seal, and everyone except this old wize Walrus discourages him. After awhile they decide it's ok. Then story 2, Lars falls asleep on an iceberg and during the night it detaches from the main iceberg and goes out to sea. He floats all night, and when he wakes up he's miles from home. He ends up on some tropical island like in Madagascar. There he befriends a hippo, that teaches him to swim. After frolicking around for a day he becomes homesick, so the hippo finds some other friends to take him back. First a bird carries him to the ocean. And I asked Wim, who was falling asleep by this point, "Do you really think any bird could carry a bear?" Wim mumbles from under 2 blankets, "Well you are seeing it there, so it must be true." This amused me greatly, because he said it all serious. This giant bird takes him to a whale, who takes him all the way back to his home. And he tells his friends and family how it was beautiful there, but he was glad to be home. I assumed it would end here, but then it went on to story number 3, where some black ship was taking all the fish, and everyone was starving. Now Lars has to somehow defeat this too. I thought overcoming prejustice, waking up half a world away and fighting this ship was a lot to do for one polar bear, but he came out just fine.
Some of the side characters were annoying and useless. They had a woody woodpecker style Penguin, that grating on my soul and some depressing lemmings that did nothing but try to kill themselves. Anyway it was cute, but no Monsters Inc or Wallace & Gromit. It's made more for younger kids.

Character (Karakter)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I decided to rent a Dutch movie so I could hear Dutch for 2 hours. The movie is called Character. (Karakter) And it's about this guy Jacob Katadreuffe, who is accused of murder in the 1920s. The man he is accused of murdering is his father A.B. Drevenhaven. Both of these names are so Dutch! Anyway since I only know cute lovey words in Dutch I didn't recognize any words. Because no one was remotely nice to eachother in this movie. Jacob's Mom never speaks to him. She just stares at him and cooks him food. His Dad treats him like crap and tries to bankrupt him for years. Jacob is miserable he has no friends and no job. But one day he is summoned to this lawyer place and decides to beg for a job. They say "No" at first, but when he was young he taught himself English, so he speaks it to someone in the office and they give him the job. He does not speak English ever again in the movie though. There's also a romance, with no kissing and with well no romance. They just give eachother looks and then she marries someone else. His Mom in a touching scene later tells jacob that he was being an "ass". Anyway it's a pretty agonizing movie. It apparently won best foreign Lauguage film in 1997. I had never heard of it. The lead actor kind of reminded me of the singer from Placebo. hehe
Anyway here are some pictures so you can compare. Or possible Vincent Perez?
[img]http://www.chico.mweb.co.za/mg/art/film/9902/990218-vanhuet.jpg[/img] [img]http://musica2.tiscali.it/speciali/placebo/image/placebo_interview.jpg[/img]

Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ok so last night we warched [b]Tamala 2010: Punk cat in Space.[/b] Oh my God, the agony. Annemarie and i were dying. It was so terrible and confusing. It made no sense what so ever. I read some of the reviews and one reviewer's opening sentence was, "This movie made no sense what so ever." hehe. Awesome. It's an anime movie my friend bought online before converting from yen to dollars, and ended up spending $138.00 on a movie, 5 pins and a baby doll t-shirt. Doesn't that suck? Anyway, I'd summerize the plot for you, had there been one. It's very disturbing and sexual. It's about this cat with giant anime eyes that wears this body suit and frolics around with this boy cat, who she calls "moimoi", even though he tells her 37 times that is name is NOT Moimoi, it's Michaelangelo. At one point she goes bowling, and she gets a strike and jumps for joy, it has subtitles and after her cute japanese squeals of joy, the english translation was, "I got a fucking strike!" Wow, was that necessary? And there were prostitute cats, and bondage mice. It was just plain weird and not entertaining either..really annoying. So I encourage everyone never to see this movie, unless you are high and like annoying movies.