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Avalon (2001)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Very cool movie for those of us who like video games. A great futuristic setting with fantastic visuals. This movie suffers from little outside of a bit of a retreaded theme/storyline(like the Matrix) and bad voice overs/dubbing. Malgorzata is a great new find for this one as well. She does a great job as Ash, a professional underground videogamer in the downtrodden streets of an eastern block country. I won't spoil the rest, because it is fun to follow. Rent this.

Half Light
Half Light (2005)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I saw this as the video store and thought that if it was direct to DVD, it must be crap. When I saw TNT advertising it, I thought I might bother. Then I started watching it on my second TV while the World Cup was on. In the process, I missed a few parts, but was interested enough to sit through it a second time. It was actually pretty good. Demi Moore, looking a bit pale (since her character resides in England), yet absolutely incredible for any age, much less 40+, does a nice job of a writer/mother who looses her son after he drowns in her back yard (a canal). 8 months later, she seeks some inspiration by visiting a costal town with a great lighthouse. A haunted one. There is a town psychic as well, of course. This is a mystery, however, and not a horror movie. The plot takes us in a few different directions/twists and gives us a fair ending, just not a strongly feel good one. The movie has a consistent haunting nature to it from the cinematography all the way to fantastic score. I very much loved the atmosphere combined with Moore's look.

While a bit cliche at times and carrying some plot stretches, this is a pretty solid movie. I did enjoy it and should have rented it, but whoever put it out backed it worth crap. Much like the nice movie Below, but not to that extent. If you like mysteries or just coastal England, you'll enjoy this. I expected Enya to be in a video at the end of the movie....

Club Dread
Club Dread (2004)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Truly sad. Bill Paxton blew in this. A huge let down. To be honest 3 was a gift, but Brittney Daniels gives the movie a bonus point for her being in it. How this had a 4.5 average in the Tomato Twister, I don't know. The only reason to see it is Brittney-the best abs in Hollywood. I laughed 6 times, but was confused if they wanted to make this a comedy like Scary movie, or just a garbage slasher like Friday the 13th part ?. It did neither well. Big let down for me.

Twilight (2008)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, my niece-15, talked me into reading the book and seeing this. I'm happy to say it was a $1 rental. The book was free as well. I truly enjoyed neither, but the book, aimed at teen girls, was tolerable at times, but the movie really wasn't. Lots of style and that's about it. Acting was flat and broken. The story went all over the map (and the book) while maintaining very little cohesiveness. My wife fell asleep after one hour....and I can't blame her. Most of it very dull and unexciting. Even the villian and conflict are only mildly interesting. Reminded me of that junky movie 'Blood for Chocolate'. Certainly no better. Anyhow, I truly can wait for the next one.


Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yes, this is overdue. No excuses. Saw this in a packed theater, despite mediocre BO results. I doubt there was more than 6 open seats, and for good reason. Evidently word got out it didn't have to have the lovely Kate Beckinsale, who I adore, to be a good movie. While we do how many parts are going to turn out, getting there is very interesting. This movie is full of good acting from Nighy, Sheen and Mitra. The story is pretty solid, more so than UWE. The effects are quite good and the vampires get smashed, which I absolutely loved. This will be on my must buy list when it gets out on DVD (yes, I still don't have blue-ray and it won't come anytime soon here). This movie is pretty compact, but very satisfying.