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Victoria (2015)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Russian Ark it is NOT. Irreversible, it is NOT. Trite, gimmicky Euro Trash it IS. Victoria (the eponymous lead female) is somewhat interesting as a recently released, oppressed escapee from music camp (conservatory). Wallowing in self-pity, she ventures to Germany to find herself during a three month workation (no explanation).

Her idea of excitement is droning trance in a basement disco. Here she learns: Don't dance to trance, don't flirt with thugs, and don't drink the Schnapps. Somehow, four short, unattractive, drunk dimwits appeal to our misguided, displaced "heroine." Tres banal.

Suffice it to say, the rest of this 'art" film is a slog. At least two of the dopes, Fub and Blinker relate to the audience experience by barfing all over the "set." And, one can be grateful for the single shot (merely two hours too long), which is at least more relaxing than a Michael Bay speed edit job for autistic's with short attention spans.

This pretentious, vacuous, vapid, "work" is strictly for the hipster wannabes trying real hard to find their inner cool, while ingesting dour drool.