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Sin City
Sin City (2005)
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


While the technology is similar to that of Sky Captain, Sin City shares very little else in common with it. Instead Sin City's relentless assault on your senses style is much more a kin to that of Kill Bill Volume 1. Which I suspect will lead to the inevitable fanboy vs. anti-fanboy debates. Expect the vast majority of people to align themselves in one of three key groups... People who love the film, people who hate the film, and of course people who like the film, but find it incredibly overrated by the die-hard fans.

As for myself, my thoughts are scattered at the moment. It is hard to fully grasp what it is that I just watched, though I imagine fans of the graphic novel will have no trouble. Needless to say though, Sin City was a wonderfully entertaining experience. Visually I would say that it is definitely one of the most bold and ambitious pieces of work to ever grace the screen. The film never strays far from the medium that it originated from, I have never seen a film try to so closely mimic the visual style of comic books. Everything from the composition to the way one shot cuts to the next is just seemingly pulled off the printed page. In terms of gore it actually surpasses the first Kill Bill, maybe not quite in total limbs severed, but certainly in terms of brutality and the overall sadistic nature of the violence. The characters, while not exactly fleshed out in a deep sense, are certainly compelling and highly memorable. Plus to top it all off, Sin City has a brilliant streak of jet black humor mixed with traces of hilarious random banter. I realize that I am merely scratching the surface here, but I need to see the film at least once more before I can really start to organize my thoughts, but for now I will just leave you with the current grade I am giving the film...

Overall Grade: A-[/b]

Finding Neverland
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I figured since this is the one year anniversary of this journal's creation, it is only fitting that I break the silence and post something here. I haven't really felt like posting on the boards much lately, call me on elitest snob, but the level of intelligent threads and posters seems to be decreasing everyday. Go ahead and tell me that complaining about the problem will get me nowhere, it does not matter to me, I simply don't have the will to tolerate the vast majority of lowlifes on this site any more. However, I am working on what is my biggest thread to date. A complete and total dissection of Futurama, with each and every episode ranked and reviewed.

Now on the movie side of things, I took in Finding Neverland yesterday...


Nothing truly spectacular, but chock full of good ol' fashioned movie magic.
Depp gives another screen-stealing performance and creates another instantly lovable character in the process. The film feels a bit rushed in places and some characters serve little purpose other than to be simple plot devices *cough* Dustin Hoffman's character *cough *. Gripes aside the beautiful music and some genuinely heartwarming scenes made this one of the better films I have seen this year.

[b]7.9 out of 10 [/b]

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Newcomer Kerry Conran's not so subtle attempt at a Buck Rogers serial on film is the sort of high-spirited, high-action fare that really would have helped liven up a disappointing summer. Sky Captain is obviously comparable to Indiana Jones, not only in its pulp/comic style of storytelling, but even its characters and their interactions are almost exact. That is not to say of course that Sky Captain is Indiana Jones good, on the contrary it has its flaws, and it goes without saying that Jude Law's Sky Captain is no match for Ford's Indiana Jones. The story itself jumps around a number of times and can't seem to stay focused even though it is fairly straightforward. Some of the characters are underdeveloped and shallow... well, more than they should be anyway. The two leads (Law and Paltrow) however are excellent and have very good chemistry together on screen.

Visually this is one of the single most remarkable films I have ever witnessed. Thanks to complete CG backrounds the film is able to take us anywhere that Conran and Co. imagine, and believe me they do. If this film was not done with CG backgrounds this film would have cost at least 300 million dollars as opposed to the estimated 60-70 million. The overall look is a bit artificial at times, but that looks to be intentional, this film as some of the best looking CG I have seen period. There will have to be a Citizen Kane-sized conspiracy to keep this film from snagging an Oscar nom for best visual effects.

All in all, Sky Captain is the guilt-free popcorn movie we have been waiting for and certainly worth 2 hours of your time for the visuals alone. Expect more films bearing the title Sky Captain over the next several years.

[b]7.7 out of 10[/b]

Millennium: The Complete First Season
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


It only took 2 monstrously successful seasons of the X-Files before FOX started pleading with the show's creator Chris Carter for something else to fill some of their broadcasting holes, the result of their pleading was Millennium.

Millennium was to be highly distinguishable from the X-Files and instead of focusing on the paranormal and alien conspiracies it would instead focus on the darker aspects of the human mind. The most obvious comparison one could make is that Millennium is essentially the TV series version of the film Se7en. Certainly a bleak and sobering look at not only the lives of those who investigate the crimes, but at the seemingly hopeless world in which they happen. In this regard it is exactly like Se7en, but Se7en was only 2 hours long, the first season of Millennium features twenty-two 44 minute episodes. You can see how this perpetual bleakness can become depressing, which is precisely why it failed in the ratings and was cancelled after only three seasons. Personally, I always saw this as one of the series biggest draws, though the first season definitely could have taken itself a little less seriously.


The first season of Millennium quickly solidified the show as not only the most dark and disturbing show on network television, but at the time rivaled almost anything Cable had to offer. Visually it was comparable to the X-Files in its heavy use of darkness and shadows, but Millennium relied much more on fast and jarring cuts of horrific images a few frames at a time. There is little doubt in my mind that Millennium was and is one of TV's all-time greats in the visual department. The show's musical work is also among the very best in the history of television, not only in its use of songs, but it's outstanding orchestration week to week. Mark Snow's musical cues added a whole other layer to the show's already dense atmosphere.

I guess I should fill some of you who may not be familiar with the whole background of the show in as to what the show was all about. The central character is a man named Frank Black, who is still recovering after what was seemingly an emotional and physical breakdown due to his demanding career as a criminal profiler for the FBI. You see Frank has the gift... the curse of being able to put his mind into the mind of a killer and allows himself to think and feel how a killer does. Frank decides to retire from the FBI after the breakdown and move from Washington D.C. to Seattle, where he works as consultant on homicide cases as a member of the Millennium Group. The Millennium Group is a private entity made up of former law enforcement agents and other top crime-fighting minds such as Frank. The Group believes that there is a direct correlation in the high number of violent murders and ritualistic killings and the coming of the next Millennium (Please keep in mind this show began airing in 1996). Of course much of this or the Millenium Group in general is not really discussed until the second season, which is part of the problem with season one.

For all the great things that season one did for the series, it certainly had many glaring faults, chief among them is the serial killer of the week feel the season had. Throughout much of the first season there is zero continuity between episodes, and each week we are thrown into essentially the same scenario as the week before with minor changes. Once you get about a third of the way through the season you are bound to ask the inevitable question... Just how many highly motivated serial killers are there in the state of Washington? Then again a TV series dealing with homicide investigation is by its own nature going to be repetitive, especially if you are going to stay grounded within the confines of reality. Luckily the season does eventually begin to utilize its characters as more than just devices to push the plots along.

Speaking of the characters, I don't think I can go much further without pointing out the amazing work turned in by the cast. Lance Henriksen provides the series with some the best work turned in by a lead actor in modern TV drama, and he doesn't do it by going over the top, no his brilliance comes from his restraint. Lance can convey more through facial expression than just about any actor working today. Brittany Tiplady who plays Frank's daughter Jordan, consistently gives performances that rank her near the top of child actors on television.


This show has desperately needed a DVD release since TV series DVDs began to become popular in the late 90s, and thanks to a lot of heavy campaigning FOX finally released this set, and to their credit it is a lot better than you would expect from a show that was cancelled over 5 years ago. The video is not reference quality, but it is certainly above the quality of its original broadcasting and there is no real compression problems to speak of so there is really nothing more you should be asking for. In terms of extra materials you get two commentaries, one by Chris Carter on the Pilot and the other by the show's main director in season one David Nutter on the second episode Gehenna. There is also an excellent (While excellent by TV DVD standards anyway) making of season one featurette entitled "Order in Chaos" that runs nearly an hour. There is another featurette dedicated to the Academy Group which was the real life influence for the Millenium Group.

Millennium Season One is a fine addition to your collection of television DVDs, though I don't recommend you run right out and buy this set unless you are already a fan. Perhaps try downloading a few episodes first and see if you like it. I will reserve the must-buy rating for season two.

[u][b]Must See Episodes[/b][/u]
The Thin White Line

[u][b]Episodes to Avoid[/b][/u]
The Well-Worn Lock
Broken World

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[i][b]The Notebook[/b][/i]- The combination of Nicolas Sparks and Hollywood is usually enough to give me a nice deep shutter. On top of that I have never been a big proponent of the whole cheesy romance genre, and yet I enjoyed this film. Maybe not in the same way a 40 something woman in a loveless marriage looking for an emotional escape does, but I still found myself charmed by this simple love story. It never strays too far from the usual conventions, and yet it does just enough to stand apart from its inferior counterparts.

Overall Score- 6.7 out of 10

[i][b]King Arthur- [/b][/i]An interesting, but heavily flawed attempt to tell a more realist King Arthur myth. The first third of the film or so does a decent enough job of letting us know the characters and the socio-political structure they inhabit, but the final two-thirds qualify as some of the most bland, unoriginal, and forgettable epic filmmaking seen in recent years.

Overall Score- 5.2 out of 10


[i] Harold and Kumar go to White Castle-[/i] [/b]As I said in my Dodgeball review, I genuinely loathe low-brow humor, that said I don't mind "drug" humor, as long it is done properly (See Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas). The film's premise is funny enough, two stoners go on a late night quest to find a White Castle and of course they encounter many obstacles on their journey. I wanted to find this film funny, but aside from a few of its more inspired moments, I was annoyed. Yet another film to put into the section of comedies for the intellectually inept.

Overall score- 3.1 out of 10