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Independent Lens

Independent Lens(2005)

[b]DVD[/b] Many Viewings, 2 Hurt films seen


[left][i]Beyond Beats and Rhymes[/i] is an important addition to the genre of critiquing black masculinity. Here Byron Hurt questions the influence of hip-hop music on systemic American sexism, racism, and homophobia. He interviews industry insiders, the actual performers, progressive intellectuals, and consumers of the product and its subtextual ideology. It's

I have seen the film a handful of times. Although I would have done this willingly, I have seen it so many times because I just finished subtitling it for its DVD released by the Media Education Foundation. It is going to play on PBS in January. There it will be called [i]Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes[/i].

I am also subtitling his prior film [i]I Am a Man[/i], also scheduled for a nearby release. It isn't as tight as [i]BBR[/i], but it still has the content to stimulate college classrooms for semesters to come.


[i]this is byron hurt. salute him.[/i]