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September Tapes

September Tapes(2004)

[b]DVD[/b] First Viewing, 1 Johnston film seen

Christian Johnston was interviewed about his film [i]September Tapes[/i] on cable news back around the time of its theatrical release. I was amazed at how much the anchors were not allowing him to speak. Basically, he was able to provide viewers with a brief synopsis of his film along with a few seconds of how they made it. He was constantly interrupted and couldn't really finish a complete thought (aka a sentence). Because of this mishap, I was really looking forward to his film. I thought he would offer some insight into the war on terror. But that's not what I got. What I got was [i]The Blair Witch Project[/i] starring Antonio Sabato, Jr.

The main character is this macho American guy who illegally travels to Afghanistan to personally track down the terrorists who caused the American phenomenon known as 9/11. He is a typical American guy - putting his balls on the line instead of his brain. He won't admit that the terrorists could have any possible reasons for committing the actions they did. It sounds semi-interesting, I know. That's why I rented it.

It is filmed much like [i]The Blair Witch Project[/i], claiming to be a documentary but is indeed staged. The voice-over is rather annoying, and although the characters may represent the American image, they were too annoying to actually watch. It's a shame, because a film like this could have reached a larger audience if it weren't so hard to watch.