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Holiday Affair

Holiday Affair(1949)

"Holiday Affair" is a sweet if slight film revolving around a love triangle (or more accurately, a love pentagram) as a war widow (Janet Leigh) is romanced by two opposing suitors: one, an ideal companion and father for her young son, the other, an impulsive and brash (yet charming) idealist (Robert Mitchum), who is noble almost to a fault. Wendell Corey plays the widow's next door neighbor, loyal and doting, pretending not to notice (so blinded he is by love) that his affections aren't returned in quite the same ardent fashion. A chance meeting with suitor #2 and it's clear which one she could fall for. But he is wary of entering a relationship with a woman so clearly pining away for her dead husband. In the end, it's not between suitors the woman must choose, but between the living and the dead.