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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher(2012)

Try as I might, I just can't dislike Tom Cruise. His personal private life is a mess of scientology, divorce and just nutty behavior, but the guy still delivers the goods. When it comes to roles like this, Cruise can almost do them in his sleep (2010's "Knight and Day" is mostly forgettable but fun example). Jack Reacher seems like a perfect Tom Cruise vehicle, he's tough, smart, likeable and a little bit unstable.

When an ex-army sniper goes on a shooting spree, the one name he asks for once in custody is Jack Reacher. The evidence against him seems over-whelming, and after being attacked by fellow inmates, he's put in a coma that seems to close the case for the time being. When Jack Reacher arrives on the scene, he suspects things aren't what they seem. It's up to him and the attractive D.A.'s daughter (Rosamund Pike) to do the impossible and prove the man's innocence.

Jack Reacher is an interesting character and the film is a well-written action thriller. The plot keeps you guessing and there are car chases, guns and fight scenes. It's interesting that critics are so enthusiastic about Skyfall, the latest Bond film, and yet are lukewarm towards this one, which I found to be more entertaining. Perhaps, Cruise' name is just too tainted from his off-screen exploits. It's a shame, because Jack Reacher is a lot of fun.