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Devon's Review of Peeples

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


A Tyler Perry-produced version of "Meet The Parents"? Sure, why not? Wade (Craig Robinson of "The Office" and "Hot Tub Time Machine") is heading up to the Hamptons to meet his girlfriend's family and to propose marriage. The girlfriend's dad is Judge Virgil Peeples (David Alan Grier), a control freak who feels that Wade is a big loser. Wade must somehow prove to the dad that he's not a loser and is indeed fit for his daughter's hand in marriage, but with the rest of the Peeples family throwing monkey wrenches into the works, it's going to be difficult.

No, I wasn't being flippant when I said this was Tyler Perry's "Meet The Parents". Much like the interaction between Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller, it's the relationship between David Alan Grier and Craig Robinson that's the focus. The other characters may have a moment or two, but for the most part remain in the background. Of course, what Peeples has over Meet the Parents is that David Alan Grier is actually funny compared to Robert DeNiro. Like Bob Hope or even Chevy Chase, Grier plays his part simultaneously straight and winking at the camera. Grier is so adept at deadpan that some might mistake his performance as overly dramatic and unnecessarily heavy. I can assure you this is not the case. Apart from that particular performance, Peeples is your typical dumb summer comedy. Being dumb isn't necessarily bad for a movie like this, as long as it provides laughs or at the least entertainment. I laughed at times, and for the most part was entertained, and so this film was a success in that aspect.