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Falling Angels

Falling Angels(2005)

[i]The Creature of Sunny Side Up Trailer Park (aka: Bloohead)[/i]
** / *****

Christopher Coppola's attempt at creating a somewhat cult-classic horror film sadly falls just short of anything memorable, but it certainly was entertaining and worth a viewing for any horror film fan. The mixture of both horror and comedy was done well, but failed to produce a set mood for the film to follow; I wasn't sure whether to laugh to be disgusted at times.

**1/2 / *****

It's a story of three sisters and their struggle to survive family life in a small town in Canada. Miranda Richardson, the only big name to this film's credits, doesn't give the best performance in the film [I was impressed the most by Katharine Isabelle], but being that [i]Falling Angels [/i]seems to revolve around her, I'd say the upon further analysis, her performance was definitely the metaphorical glue that held this film together. Sadly, [i]Falling Angels [/i]tended to pointlessly drag on, and that was its only major downfall.

1/2 / *****

Shot to resemble the style of films from the 1920's, [i]The Saddest Music in the World[/i] was nothing more than a bland story that tried too hard to be beyond bizarre. Lady Port-Huntley [Isabella Rossellini] and Chester Kent [Mark McKinney] could quite possibly being the two most pointless and dismal characters ever caught on film. A far cry from brilliant film-making, its cheap laughs and fake stereopticon effect become almost painfully annoying and, while many beg to differ, add nothing to the film that would that encourage this viewer to deem it remarkable film-making.