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First's Review of Ellen Degeneres: All of Me - Unauthorized

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Ellen Degeneres: All of Me - Unauthorized

Ellen Degeneres: All of Me - Unauthorized(2000)

***1/2 / ***** [4th viewing]


The jokes are slightly out-dated, but Ellen DeGeneres is still as funny as ever. Personally, I enjoyed her second HBO stand-up special [i]Here and Now[/i] not only because much of her material was new, but I just felt that overall, it flowed a lot better. If you're a fan of Ellen and haven't seen either of the stand-up specials, I'd say watch [i]Here and Now [/i]instead.

**** / *****


One of my biggest film guilty pleasures is 1992's [i]Cool World[/i], so I was fairly certain that I would enjoy [i]Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [/i]as well. Bob Hoskins [Eddie Valiant], Christopher Lloyd [Judge Doom], and Joanna Cassidy [Dolores] all gave commendable performances, but it was Roger Rabbit that gave the most memorable. Jessica Rabbit certainly resembles the epitome of a femme fatale, but I just don't think she quite lives up to her hype. Despite Jessica having the deep, sultry voice and shapely body, her onscreen presence is disappointedly weak. [i]Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [/i]is nothing more than an entertaining film that pays a great homage to all our childhood cartoon favorites, and it did an excellent job serving that specific purpose.