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9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight(2008)

For a franchise that over many years had lost it's way, [i]Batman Begins[/i] injected fresh new blood into the saga with a marvellous effort that ranks of one of 2005's finest film offerings.

However, they were only just getting warmed up as [i]The Dark Knight[/i] takes the saga to new unparalled heights, helped largely due to a stellar performance by Heath Ledger's Joker (before he was tragically taken from us), giving the film a truly (and sometime unfortable) air of menace.

Without doubt, this is a far more darker and more serious state of affairs thank Batman Begins, but it is still not entirely devoid of a bit of humour on the side, and despite its running time of more than two and a half hours, the film just doesn't feel like that and makes you wanting just more and more.

I had high hopes of Batman Begins back in 2005, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. But this long and eagerly awaited follow up well and truly trumps this.

A film that is destined to be the film of 2008, and for all the right reasons.

Christopher Nolan has truly delivered the goods and Heath Ledger [b][i]really does[/i][/b] deserve a posthomous Oscar for his greatest, but tragically his last ever performance.

I hope he does get that award too, as this would be a fitting tribute to a rising young star that was taken away all too soon.

10/10 :fresh:

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