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Macbeth (1971)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[center][size=5][color=white][b]WINTER HOLIDAY![/b][/color][/size][/center]

[color=cyan]That's right! No more school for two whole weeks! And then when we return on the thrid it's only 100 days until we graduate! Yesterday I worked until late into the night making Christmas cards for my friends. Most were winter/Christmas pin-up pictures. I really got into making the cards...which sort of scared me...I hope I'm not going all Martha Stewart![/color]

[color=black]Our December issue of the school paper was released today. I did two stories...A [i]Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire[/i] review...[/color]

[color=black]...and a viewpoint on abortion[/color]

[size=1][color=black]Again, I blocked out my name, along with the names of other students. Horrid picture of me...blah[/color][/size]

[color=darkred]Oh, we watched Roman Polanski's version of [i]Macbeth[/i] in English over this week. I found it a litte over the top. Only one death takes place on stage in the original play, but, of course, Polanski doesn't stick to that. And I also felt that the one death which did take place on stage was anti-climatic. I'm not a big Polanski fan to begin with...but I do believe [i]Rosemary's Baby[/i] is one of the best films ever made.[/color]

[color=white]On a more personal note...[/color]
[color=white]I wanted to give Pat something small for Christmas...nothing major that screamed "Oh my god! We are in a serious relationship!"...so I just filled up a small gift bag with Hershey kisses and the tag read "To the best kisser", along with a card where I was pretty honest about how he makes me feel. *facepalm* I felt sort of stupid after handing it to him, but he seemed pretty okay with it. He actually said "I'm glad we're back together". Part of me wanted to scream "You couldn't have been glad the second or thrid time? It has to be the fourth!?" Anyhow...we are going to Peacock Lane on Tuesday. And just to inform all you non Portlanders...Peacock Lane is this street in Portland where the people living there put up outstanding Christmas light displays. I haven't been since I was like seven...so I'm really looking forward to it.[/color]

[color=navy]I should go pack for my dad's. Tonight is the station party where several of my dad's fellow officers come over and we have a gift exchange. There is this one officer named Scott who is pretty hot, but anyhow...then Saturday we're seeing [i]King Kong[/i] (hopefully) and that night we have to go to... *cringe* ...church. I LOATHE church! I mean, I'm not even really Christian! But since my dad's friend, Gary, had his divorce, he's turned all Christian and he invited us to go to church with him. Sunday, we're having an early Chirstmas with my brother and Kathleen. [/color]

[b][color=cyan]Have a great weekend![/color][/b]

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[color=darkred][b]"Can we take a direct flight back to reality, or do we have to change planes in Denver?"[/b][/color]
[color=darkred][i][b]The Santa Clause[/b][/i] 8/10 [b]:fresh:[/b] [/color]
[color=darkred]Tim Allen, known as one of the greater funny men of the 1990s, does a 360 in this well loved modern Christmas classic. [i]The Santa Clause[/i] takes the mysterious Santa Claus story to a modern level and spin, and to a level that both parents and children can enjoy. each year.[/color]
[color=darkred]A son of divorced parents, Charlie, played very well for a child actor by Eric Lloyd, is sent to spend Christmas with his father, Scott Clavin, after reading [i]Twas the Night before Christmas[/i], Charlie is awoken by a "clatter", and upon checking it out with his dad, they find Santa, who takes a tumble off the roof. Coxed into finishing Santa's work by his son, Scott accidentally becomes Santa, and the viewer is taken on a wild ride of the complex workings in the Nole Pole. As Charlie struggles with his mother and stepfather and telling them the fact that his dad really has become Santa the viewer can learn to appriciate the magic that once came with believing in Santa Claus and gives the adults time to reflect on what they really wanted that one Christmas ages ago. Well acted for both the children and adults, with its well written and witty plot, makes this such an enjoyable film that can be watched multiple times over the days leading up to Santa's big night.[/color]

[b][color=silver]"Grandpa's gonna sue the pants off of Santa."[/color][/b]
[color=silver][b][i]Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer[/i][/b] 0/10 :rotten: [/color]
[color=silver]I can't believe I wasted 50+ minutes of my life on this made for TV movie...Every year I see this cartoon, based upon the Elmo and Patsy song, on store shelves and poke fun at it due to the sheer absurdity of it. Well, the other morning it was on Cartoon Network, and I figured I would give it a chance. Through out the whole film I swore I was going to turn it off, yet something kept me glued to the poor story and terrible quality of animation, and I actully saw the whole damned thing through. And I really wish I hadn't.[/color]
[color=silver]On Christmas Eve, Grandma Spankenheimer (I'm not kidding--that's the name) is, well, run over by Santa's reindeer. And it's up to Jake, her grandson, to prove it was really Santa, and it comes off like no one even cares one bit that Grandma is missing. As the plot continues, we find out that evil, greedy Cousin Mel is trying to take the family store and sell it. Look, I don't even know why I'm going into this...it was just bad. Spare yourselves, and don't even touch this piece of reindeer shit.[/color]

[b][color=yellowgreen]"Before box office numbers were announced like baseball scores on the evening news."[/color][/b]
[color=yellowgreen][b][i]The Holiday[/i][/b] 6/10 :fresh: [/color]
[color=yellowgreen]I had seen previews for [i]The Holiday[/i], and thought it to be one of those la-de-da, lame, yet feel good type of film for the holiday season. Which, well, it was...but a bit better.[/color]
[color=yellowgreen]I first must state, I [i]hate[/i] Cameron Diaz. She is one of the lamest actresses of this era of film. She plays the same sort of woman each and every time. And quite frankly, it's getting rather annoying! And even her character's "sob story" of her parents getting divorced didn't make me feel sorry for her average rich-bitch character. Kate Winslet was alright, just not outstanding as she has been in the past. Jude Law was refreshingly different, actually. His character first came off as his same-old, same-old, but in the end, became a character I quite liked with his couple of surprises. Jack Black, I simply fell in love with in his role of Miles, a film score composer. It was such a nice change from his royaly stupid roles. Black really has what it takes to be a real actor, but rarely seems to take advantage of it. And what I loved most about [i]The Holiday[/i] was the surprising character of Arthur--he is the character and addition to the story that took [i]The Holiday[/i] that takes it to a better level.[/color]
[color=yellowgreen][i]The Holiday[/i] makes a feeble attempt at a film that tries to say something, but falls short by at least a mile, in its attempt at trying to say too much. And like [i]Stranger Than Fiction[/i], is better seen as a rental, than on the big screen.[/color]
[color=white]Now, I'm going to finish getting ready, Patrick and I are going to Peacock Lane--and this year, we're actually going![/color]

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[color=White]Sorry for the lack of updating, but as I said in my last entry or so, I am super busy lately with school.[/color]

[color=Black]Patrick had to go back home to take care for his mother's taxes, and next year's FAFSA. He took Greyhound up, and Greyhound back. My dad offered to pick him up Sunday night, and little did I know that I would almost get killed...or maybe seriously injured. My dad and I were going down the main drag of Eugene, which is Coburg and were stopped at the traffic light at Coburg and Oakway. Suddenly, we see cop lights coming toward us from Southwood, which is a one way street in the opposite direction from which the cars were coming! Our light turns green, but my dad has no idea where the cops are going, and stays, while the car behind us honks. Suddenly, we see this old Toyota truck speeding toward us, its headlights are right in my face, and I thought it was going to hit us, I thought "This is it. I'm never going to see Patrick again, I'm never going to see my mum again,I'm never-" but then the Toyota swerved onto Oakway just missing us. I still couldn't breathe. I was just in total shock. I'll never forget the feeling I had as those headlights bore into me with the cold threat of death. Okay, some may say I'm overreacting, but HOLY SHIT I was scared!
Anyways...in case you're a more visual person...
[/color] [center][color=Black][img]http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b89/RetroAnglophile/Life%20Pictures/Photo156.jpg[/img]

[/color] [left][color=Black]Anyways...I'm alive. I guess that's all that matters. But seriously. I do have an honest fear of car crashes, and those I love getting involved in them. When I lived at home, I would have my mother call me when she got to work, and to call me when she was leaving. It became especially hard on me when she had to commute to Salem, 43 miles on I-5.[/color]

[color=SandyBrown]In other news...over the weekend my dad and I went to the flea market and to a couple of antique shops. I bought three James Dean posters, a set of clear Pyrex bowls (for only $6!), and a 1947 US Army wool jacket, Ike style, along with an army hat:
[color=SandyBrown]Can we say army themed pin-up? The button I have had for ages, I just thought it was a statement with it being an army jacket, then having a peace button.

And I bought this shirt:
[/color][left][color=Pink]As for Valentine's Day. Patrick and I celebrated Monday, by watching [i]Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown[/i] and drinking the Jones "Love Pack" of Love Potion #6, which really was pretty good. If you know Jones, take Fufu Berry and add cherry to it. Tomorrow, non-Valentine's related, we're seeing the latest play here, [i]The Big Knife[/i], a Hollywood murder mystery that takes place in 1947.[/color]

[color=Cyan]I think I found a roommate for next year! It's this girl named Megan, who I knew from my junior year math class. And get this, SHE'S STRAIGHT EDGE!!! WOOHOO!!! I was losing hope! So we're going to check out apartments on Friday! I'm so excited![/color]

[color=PaleGreen]Next week...Monday=Econ Mid-term #2, Wednesday=History quiz, Thursday=Australia essay due. *headesk* And on top of that, the first season of [i]Ghost Hunters[/i] (like my favorite shot) finally came in the mail at my dad's, and I am dying to watch it this weekend, instead of studying or writing a paper. And the Daytona is this weekend! I should really shut up and do some work.[/color]

Thin (2006)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[color=Silver]I had Stumbled across the website for the HBO documtary [i]Thin[/i] awhile ago, but was never sure quite how to get my hands on it, due to the lack of Blockbusters around here, but then I thought..."Hey, youtube has everything!" And sure enough, I found[/color] [url="http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=quoth"]it[/url].
[color=Silver] Many believe that eating disorders are about teenagers, and that it is a phase in which just about every teenage girl goes through, [i]Thin[/i] tells a different story. Mainly focusing on three women in their mid to late 20s, [i]Thin[/i] reveals the every lasting effect that having an eating disorder can have. Many have had an ED since childhood, and caused by many reasons; one has a twin, whom she has always viewed as the perfect one, and strives to be like, if not better, than her. Another is a mother of two, and at the age of seven, as told by her doctor that she was fat, and has thus been dieting ever since.
[/color] [center][color=Silver][img]http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b89/RetroAnglophile/Random%20Movie%20Pics/LG-Thin-020.jpg[/img]
[/color] [/center]
[color=Silver] The enviornment in which these women are put in is, in all honestly, like that of a prison, and in some conditions worse-the manner of how much they are watched. But, if you think about it, these women are commiting crimes against their bodies. When women enter, all of their bags are searched, complete with employees wearing rubber gloves, and later on, room searches. The relationships created at the clinic are very similar to that of high school cliques. Lies are told to authorities, you-cover-my-back-I'll-cover-yours ensue, and when the truth is told, who knows what's going to happen. You see how EDs turn women with college degrees, in their late 20s into children. As one girl cried, "I'm 28, and I'm a little girl with no period!"
[/color] [center][color=Silver][img]http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b89/RetroAnglophile/Random%20Movie%20Pics/Thin.jpg[/img]
[/color] [/center]
[color=Silver] An interesting aspect of this is when insurance runs out, girls are forced out. In northern Europe, this would never happen. I do honestly believe, corporate America is much more concerned about money than they are people.

Directed by Lauren Greenfiled, she takes choses not to include narraration in her piece, instead letting the girls speak for themselves, and only putting in brief captions to create a bridge in a few moments. While I find the content is important and brings many of the truths about EDs to the surface, I feel it wasn't executed in the best manner--but I believe I could have been over critical, because of my own personal experiences. Still highly recommended.[/color]

[color=White] Now I have to go get ready for my brother's birthday dinner...[/color]

Angels & Demons
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[color=Cyan]After the death of the Pope, the Vatican has had its "preferiti" (those who are likely to be chosen as the next Pope) kidnapped by an old enemy, The Illuminati, and one will be killed ever hour until midnight when a recently discovered form of anti-matter will cause total destruction of the Vatican. Enter symbolist, Robert Langdon, notorious for his previous work (yes, they set this up as a sequel though it's not) to aid the Vatican police, and the "acting Pope", the Camerlengo, in trying to find the men. Also helping them is a scientist involved in creating the anti-matter that has been stolen. She explains the development of it, and how it is being used to pin-point the moment of creation.[/color]

[color=Cyan]Director Ron Howard gives his audience another masterpiece with [i]Angels & Demons[/i], and one better than [i]The Da Vinci Code[/i]. With a much better, and more twisted plot, we are also offered up an array of stars, producing much better acting as well, from Tom Hanks (Langdon), to Ewan McGregor (Camerlengo Patrick), to Stellan Skarsgard (the head of the Vatican police), and even the little known Ayelet Zurer (the scientist, Vittoria), and the supporting cast is quite stellar as well.[/color]
[color=Cyan]Another thing that makes [i]Angels & Demons[/i] better plot wise is that it's not as preachy as [i]The Da Vinci Code [/i]is saying, "This is how it [i]really[/i] is!" Her, Langdon is fearful of what may happen next for not only is his life in danger, but so are many others. [i]Angels & Demons [/i]offers up something rather refreshing...no sex or sexual tension or even romantic interest. You heard right. Just like in [i]The Da Vinci Code[/i], there is a lack in romantic interest between Hanks and his female co-star. It's wonderful because if this subplot did exist, it would detract from the ever important point of the film - to find and save all of the preferiti and save the whole city from being blown up. Also, the character of Vittoria is not reduced to her sexuality, but instead is valued for her mind and brilliance in creating and understanding such complex sciences, as well as topping Langdon in the language department, and schooling him in Latin.[/color]

[color=Cyan]All I can say is [i]Angels & Demons[/i] has been, so far, the best film of 2009, and that I would place it on my Top 100 - if I ever had the patience to create a Top 100 that is...[/color]
Also, in addition to no classes, tomorrow brings number 15 in the New Top 50![/color]