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bored really. i really need to clean the house..

guys are stupid. especially the stupid ones

I gave Hitch a 9 because i really think it covers alot of things about guys... especially the begenning. well atleast for my situation anyway. i think ill make a list or something

TOP 10 or so THINGS THAT A GUY SHOULD NEVER DO, SAY, HAVE, OR THINK, WHEN IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A GIRL..... or me anyway.. im pretty sure the other girls feel this way aswell

* Never be to clingy. ( dont plan out your day according to what your g/f is doing.. always hang out with your friends as much as possable..( it makes the time that you DO hang out with your gf that much more special, AND your friends dont aquire harsh feelings toward the gf.

* NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER try to keep her from doing something. such as: cutting her hair or changing something about her.. remember guys ( the girl was there before you were, she may want your opinion, but that doesnt mean try to make her feel bad because you think that she's just fine the way that she is, and you are afraid that shes trying to impress someone else, OR you're afraid that if she infact does get a horribly bad haircut or dies her hair that nasty yellow color that you wont look as good next to her as you did before, or your friends may not be as complimentive... if they even are....

* Never begg........ begging is wierd. and it makes the girl uncomfortable.. just give it time. if she breaks up with you.. she breaks up with you.. if you begg... its wierd. and the relationship is never like it would have been.. if she breaks up with you.. walk away.. give her a couple of days with out talking... and then call her if she hasnt called you.. odds are she misses you and does want to talk to you .. but cant for some wierd reason that she may or may not want to state. or it could just be the fact that she thinks that she is too young and not ready for a confusing ACTUAL relationship that she has never really ever had.. considering the cercomstances.. some cercomstances would include: college, and other stressfull things .. family.. friends. Religion. things of that sort.

* Always find out more about who you are wanting to date before jumping right into it... dont ask her to be your gf on the first date... give her time to get to know you.. some girls dont really know what they want and they just blurt things out and then get themselves in situations and not know how to get out.. and they dont know if they want to get out.. and they dont know what to do. they are just in for the ride.. when really they just want to be a golden retriever.. free to run around... everyone likes them because golden retrievers are friendly... except for dog haters.... get the picture?

* Never tell your gf that you had different intentions when you first started dating her ex>
"so pretty much the only reason that i first started dating you was the fact that you were hott... " as shallow as it may seem " but i just thought that you should know that i love you.. i like you now because you are cool AND hott."
BIG no no boys. girls like to think that they guy liked them for the cool traits that they have.. and if you did like them for shallow reasons... never ever ever ever ever tell them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes the girl think about the foundation of the relationship.. and for a girl that is not evern sure about relationships.. and wants to be a golden retriever ... thats pretty scary... dont you think?!
then you get her doing things to make sure that you actually like her for who she is.. and not for the way that she looks. like cutting her hair for instance... what if the haircutt DID infact look like crap.. after you made a big deal about her cutting it, and she looked stupid with it.. what are you gunna do then sparky? so the hair looks good.. you tell her.. it did infact make her cute. but she was already cute right? why change a cute thing? especially if you have that little chance of making it UN-CUTE.... oh no...

* after you find things out about her in her online journal...never comfrount her about them... she writes..or in this case types.. in it to get out whatever major feelings that are bouncing around in her boggeled mind out so that she can rest easier. if only she could let her bf know how she really feels without him being all wierd on her. what if she really did want to just be single, and like she was before she started dating you.. she wants friends. she wants to hang out and have a good time with everyone.. shes going to college in approximately 5 months...and hes going somewhere not where she is.. and GOD! your not getting married..... act like a freakin highschool couple.. stop trying to go so fast. dont think.. just do. unless that means being wierd.. think about being wierd and then do the opposite!

* NEVER EVER EVER EVER ask questions like:
where do you think we will be in 5 months?
do you think that we could make it through a long distance relationship?
are you going to break up with me when you go to college?

those are more wierd situations.. just think about them maybe... infact.. no dont think about them. wierdness isnt cool. you cant be cool if its wierd.

* Remember to think like a golden retriever. they are friendly. they go around to many many people and talk and hang out. they never make prior engadgements.. they just hang out with whoever has the stick. they want to play with anyone. they just want to be free and fun and not be wierd.. have you ever met a wierd golden retriever.. NO. because there isnt any. they live life on the FREE side. just happy.. not wierd and confused all the time. its fun to hang out and go to the movies.. not fun to sit at home on the phone and talk about the relationship homie.

* may i repeat. when finding things out about how the girl feels about the relationship... never bring it up... just know. and try to do things that make her feel comfortable... she feels wierd accepting jelewery.. its thoughtful, but XBOX games are more safe. you can never go wrong with an XBOX game. They are fun, they suggest fun, not commitment.. you dont hand someone an xbox game and say ...will you marry me.. sweet that you want to buy her things all the time... but too much gets wierd.

im sorry if this is hurtful to anyone... but its the way i feel and i dont like feeling wierd. julery means commitment... rings. bracelets. necklaces. earrings.. any type of jelerwy.... it is sweet... but you shouldnt buy jelerwy unless you are planning on getting married or being together for a long time......... and see.. its just wierd right now. oh one more thing.

* when and if you guys ever do break up, dont give her the guilt trip... no one wants to hear that... and if you break up with her... dont sit around and wait for one... shes not gunna give it to you... pride man.. get some. .. as in pride... your 18 shes 18... be the golden retriever i know you want to be! and GO HAVE FUN!!!!.....

* again... dont mention journal entery to gf. just know and accept.. and be a golden retriever. and sorry if it was harsh to anyone. just trying my best here to not make it wierd for myself... and you i suppose... gotta go..be cool bye.