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13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai(2003)

im so glad that school is out.!!!

any way this movie has to be the best movie that tom cruise has ever made... truly.... it is frekin awesome..... it starts out a little slow, but pay attention... because it gets 100% better.... i almost stopped watching because im a little impatient... but im glad that i stayed.... frekin awesom.....

its about a guy that goes through this guilt journey, because of the indians that he had killed, and he knew it was wrong, and he knew that they were brave peopla, but he was only a captain following orders..... so then he comes to japan, and he cant speak japaneese or anything, and he is paid to prepair the emperors army for war aginst the samurai people.... well.... things happen, and tom cruise ends up in the town of the samurai people, and he is a drunk, so he is going through really bad withdraws... he drinks because of his guilt, and the saki makes it all go away..... now tom cruise has to deal with being a prisoner in a foriegn village.... not only that, he is staying with a family in which he killed the father of.... a family of 2 children and his wife, who must take care of him, and the brother of the father

great movie... i really recommend seeing it... you will not be sorry... awesome movie!!...lol.... ithink that it is one of my favorites..... go tom cruise!.. i give it a 2 thumbs up :up: :up: ...lol