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Death Proof

Death Proof(2007)

[center][font=Garamond][size=6]DEATH PROOF[/size][/font][/center]
[center]director: Quentin Tarantino[/center]
[center]R, 90 minutes, Dimension[/center]

[center]If Robert Rodriguez's opening half of [i]Grindhouse[/i], [i]Planet Terror[/i], was a film that paid homage to classic zombie films by imitating them, then Tarantino's closing half, [i]Death Proof[/i], is paying homage to various classic B-movies by respecting the general outline of things, but creating an entirely original world from that point on. Tarantino is one of only a handful of filmmakers that, even after they've established brilliance and set such a high standard for their films to come, can continue to impress his audience beyond belief. [/center]

[center]The director is having an incredible amount of fun in this film, maybe the most he's ever had as he casts the lion's portion of [i]Death Proof[/i]'s lineup to women. There are eight to be precise - Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jordan Ladd, Sydney Poitier, Rosario Dawson, Tracie Thoms, and Zoe Bell. He dedicates the first half of his movie to letting us get inside the conversations of each one of these girls, who are all given unique characteristics in a script that is full of everything we'd expect from Tarantino, and more...if that's possible. He even goes as far as re-creating one of his own sequences - the revolving shot of the diner conversation from [i]Reservoir Dogs[/i], and it is pure fun to watch. The film slowly shows us that "These 8 Women Are About To Meet 1 Diabolical Man!" as the amusing tagline proclaims, and he is in the form of one Kurt Russell as the mysterious figure, Stuntman Mike. There a number of memorable sequences involving Russell and, in particularly, Vanessa Ferlito that can go down as new high points in the filmmaker's career. [/center]

[center]The whole experience that is getting to witness [i]Death Proof [/i]unfold almost seems like a dream, and even after I was back home from the theater and thinking about it all it just didn't seem real to me. Tarantino has managed to again create a piece of cinema that is so singularly his own vision even though it owes so much to films of the past, like the chase classic [i]Vanishing Point[/i] as mentioned in the movie itself. Perhaps he has managed to be more effective than almost every director in the last 15 years because he is nothing more than a fan of all types of film, a student of watching and appreciating. [i]Death Proof [/i]is certainly a product of a seasoned movie-knowledge man trying to etch his place alongside the film's he loves. [/center]