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The Adventures of Milo and Otis
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=Century Gothic][color=#808080]One week ago today, my dog died. Mollie Anne - she was a Black Pug. I dont get close to many people.. I guess its hard for me to trust people. When things get bad I usually close down and seperate from everyone. I dont like to show weakness I guess. Being emotional - caring is a weakness. Mollie was the only thing I let in for 8 years.. You can close your door and lock away the life you dont want to be living.. but the dog still finds her way in. I loved that dog, sometimes more than I loved myself. I avoid my problems.. I think its an inherrited family trait.. But eventually they all bubble up right in my face. Mollie dieing.. errupted an emotional volcano. A seemingly hopeless world suddenly seemed lost. I had breached unknown territory.. What do you do when you lose faith in yourself? How do you find your center again? I cant seem to form an opinion without questioning it 3 or 4 times. I never used to like this.. How do you get out of a hole you don't remember digging?[/color][/font]

Snakes on a Plane
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

So.. I watched snakes on a plane tonight.. let me just say [font=Arial Black]Freakin Redick![/font] Like it wasn't bad enough they just [i]HAD [/i]to have the snake bite off some guys penis. Although I do have to say I do agree with the message they were going for there.. which would of course be: Vanity kills. As well as always look in the toilet before you urinate. It's just common sense people!

I go back to work next week.. for 3 days.. Tuesday-Thursday.. and then I'm going to Minnesota for the weekend! I'm way excited..! We are going shopping! But of course I have NO money because.. I spent all my dissability on.. well on clothes mostly. But it was all stuff I needed.. and I thought at the time I was going to need a new wardrobe for work... but they've changed the dress code again.. so ya know. I'm thinking though I'll keep most of the clothes.. because I want to get a new job sometime soon.. I just can't decide if I want to wait until after winter or not. The winter tends to give me panic attacks.. so I dunno if I want to get a new job in which I would have to travel farther. I dunno. And it is my brother's Senior year.. so working somewhere were I have a wee bit of seniority and they are flexible schedual wise might be a good idea. hmm.. Well I'm actually getting tired.. so I think I'm gonna go pass out..