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Drive (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I decided to write up a review on Drive as a result of my outrage that it was snubbed from the Oscars. Granted, it doesn't really mean much these days but the people deserve to hear about the awesomeness that is Drive.

Drive (2011) takes place in LA and can be best described as an art house action film. Even though the film contains elements of mainstream action films the overall style and tone feels different. The film centers on a Hollywood stuntman, played by Gosling, who spends his nights as a for-hire heist driver. His life is mostly about the thrill that comes from stunt and getaway driving but his values and priorities are shifted when he meets a woman, Irene, and her son. Gosling's unnamed character, simply billed as Driver in the credits, begins to develop a relationship with the family including the woman's husband that has just been released from jail. A turn of events leaves the husband dead and Driver is forced to protect Irene and her son by any means necessary. These means of protection are often violent.

As the film progresses, Gosling's character becomes a real life action hero. The ultra-violent second half really works in sharp contrast to the more realist slow-paced first half. It admittedly shows how he brings his action movie persona, that he would have adapted for his stuntman roles, into his reality. Ryan Gosling said in an interview "this is my superhero movie" and he was right.

Drive features a great soundtrack and score, which add a very nice tone to the film. The choice to use electronica really gives the film a unique feel and even gives it a bit of a retro eighties feel. This is evident in the opening titles as there is an establishing shot of buildings in LA while Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx's "Nightcall" plays. The sequence totally has a retro feel to it. Other song choices that stand out are College's "Real Hero" and Desire's "Under Your Spell". This style of music is different than what is mostly accustomed to action films. The music compliments the film's motif of love, obsession and heroism very well. The lyrics to "Under Your Spell" are very reminiscent of these themes. ("I don't sleep, I' don't eat, I do nothing but think of you") "Real Hero" also fits the film's themes very well with it's lyrics "you have proved to be a real human being, and a real're emotionally complex". The music adds a lot to the film and makes the Drive experience that much more worth taking.

The acting is superb all around with Ryan Gosling stealing the show. Despite his character having limited dialogue, Gosling plays his character with passion and complexity. Gosling uses a soft style of speaking and it works great for this Driver character, who also has a violent sadistic side. Supporting actors also do a great job with Albert Brooks as the villainous, Bernie Rose, really standing out. Additionally, Bryan Cranston is quite good in his role as the father figure to Gosling's character. The whole cast really does a great job though.

Drive also features fantastic cinematography, which beautifully captures LA. The action scenes are filmed marvelously as the traffic and city lights look quite dazzling as vehicles speed through the roads at night. The night driving scenes really look exceptional as the LA city lights are illuminated through interior shots of the vehicle. The interior of the vehicle is mostly dominated by shadows allowing the city lights to really stand out.

Overall, Drive is a superb film. It stands out among standard action films and is altogether a unique experience for the viewer. The film is an original, often violent ride, which offers some amazing action sequences. Gosling's performance alone makes this film a must-see! I'm really a fan of these types of unique original films. Furthermore, it puts an innovative spin on the same old action movie. It also features a very memorable scene where Gosling stomps in a guy's skull. The way the scene transitions suddenly between romantic and violent is quite brilliant and original. Drive is highly recommended!

Rating- 10/10

Riding the Bullet
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I didn't have high expectations of the film. It had been a while since I watched a Stephen King movie. The film was really a mess. I didn't know if it was trying to be a horror movie , a dark comedy or what. Some scenes come out of no where and seem very random. Overall, a mess of a film that most people won't even bother watching.

Guy X
Guy X (2005)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Guy X was a very slow paced film. The film is comparable to Jarhead. Of course my expectations were much higher for Jarhead than this film. While Jarhead had an extraordinary first half, the second half dragged. Guy X, on the other hand, is strictly okay through out. The story is something different and the humour is dark. Jason Biggs puts foward a great performance and Natascha McElhone is good too. The film sets a good mood but nothing in the film really stands out. Once the film is over, it does leave you thinking but its a little to late by then to recommend the film.

Club Dread
Club Dread (2004)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie was really bad. I watched super troopers and found it hillarious. I was expecting the same thing here but it just didn't work. It was kind of hard to tell if this was supposed to be a spoof or actually be scary. This movie was stupid and not one of those movies that is stupid but funny. I only got about 2 laughs out of this flick. This movie is a big waste of time. Not reccomended at all.