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District 9

District 9(2009)

Yes....liked this one.

A sharp acerbic, subversive allegorical tale, impressively produced, delivers the goods despite what imperfections it may have.

The central performance is a delight, as Wikus the officious, fiddly enthusiastic bureaucratic 'hero' is charged with relocating aliens, who for 20 years have lived on earth, in a sort of grimey 'shanty' town. The plotting follows his efforts, and we see some sharp satirical jabs, and 'social commentary' conscience pricking along the way.

Pleasingly for the most part, played unsentimentally, the film has moments which are quite compelling, humorous and touching. The actions scenes are nicely filmed and the aliens themselves are convincingly presented to us. Both as achievements in FX and in terms of the writing of their character and situation. They come off as more 'human' and sympathetic, than their callous human protagonists.

Presented partly in a 'looking back' doco style, which perhaps is the 'clunkiest' part of what is very much a clean and coherent film. Made handsomer by an immersive, visually impressive production which has the budget to take you on its ride. A ride which happily goes against the grain of what a 'traditional' hollywood treatment of this material might give.

Nice to see humans get gloopily blown apart for once. A kind of alien/buglike payback for all the bugs we humans have squished.

yeah it certainly leaves room at the end for a sequel or two...

Anyway worth seeing...