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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Decalogue

The Decalogue(1998)


?The Decalogue? consists of ten short films. Each contemporary story takes its theme from the Ten Commandments. Back in October, I rented the first of its three discs, curious as to why it is considered a masterpiece. My first impressions weren?t very good. The video quality was decades old. It?s spoken in Polish, and well ? it is quite quite slow. But as people always reminded me, patience is a virtue. It?s a virtue that mines the treasure buried beneath this beautiful series. Once the story kicks into gear, it is highly engrossing.

What I love about ?The Decalogue? is its masterful storytelling. There?s always some sort of a dilemma. It always finds itself in an uncompromising grey zone that would jump start a debate. It always makes you think. But I wouldn?t necessarily call the series intellectual. It?s more accurate to say it?s an examination of what makes us humans a fascinating species. We?re making the best out of a world staggering more complex than we think.

After having watched all ten films, I recently added ?The Decalogue? to my all time Top 10. I painfully bumped off ?L.A. Confidential? and ranked this series sixth. Sooner or later I?ll realize putting movies in hierarchies is a stupid idea. But I know that I?d want to bring ?The Decalogue? with me if I?m ever stranded on an island.