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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloaded(2003)

THE MATRIX RELOADED falls in the category of "sequels being better than the originals" it joins ALIENS, TERMINATOR 2 and GODFATHER 2 as being better than the originals. This one has more action, more awesome special effects (even if they do look cartoony at times) I really enjoyed and was entertained by this one even more than the original; don't get me wrong I liked the first film too but this one's superior.

RELOADED has Neo still trying to discover what he's meant to do and goes looking to The Oracle (the late Gloria Foster, who was able to finish the film before she passed) for answers, she gives him some bad news which give him a better grasp of it since the first film and he starts seeing the big picture. He is perceived more as a God in this film, a savior amongst the last remaining human survivors of the human city Zion. Zion is a human city being operated by machines that provide them recycled water, lights, and heat, but there are other machines who want them dead; like the squid like sentinels. They are beginning to dig to reach Zion (Zion is located deep in the Earth's core where there's more heat) and the inhabitants are getting ready to battle these machines unless Neo saves them. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) still believes that Neo is the One even though his superiors like Commander Lock (Harry J. Lennix) don't believe him.

Morpheus believes even more that Neo can save them because this time around Neo can fight up to 3 or more Agents at a time, whereas in the first film they advised him that the only thing to do if he saw an agent was; AND he flies now while CONNECTED to the Matrix. While he's busy in trying to save Zion he has to deal with Agent Smith who know can travel anywhere he wants in the Matrix AND out of the Matrix (the first big fighting scene involves Neo and Agent Smith)

RELOADED is a big, loud, action packed film filled with 3 HUGE and epically directed action scenes that will leave you breathless. It left me wanting more and the Wachowski brothers know how to pull off these awesome martial arts fighting sequences along with monumental action set pieces.