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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
End of Days

End of Days(1999)

END OF DAYS is a good thriller involving Satan, disturbing moments leading up to the battle with Satan and Arnold's funny moments when he says a quotable line based on how his Austrian dialect says it. (You're a choirboy compared to me!) Among others. But back to the movie.

Gabriel Byrne (who has been in better films like POINT OF NO RETURN and THE USUAL SUSPECTS) plays the Antichrist in this film who is looking for a woman to have his child and thus bring forward the end of days at exactly midnight on New Year's Eve 1999. The woman that may be the Prince of Darkness' child carrier is played by Robin Tunney (THE CRAFT) who does the better part of the acting job than Schwarzenegger and Byrnes and that's saying a lot.

The movie has some good action scenes and some good visual effects but that's it. The ending is the best part. I think it could have been better in the hands of another director, say, Alex Proyas but Peter Hyams did an OK job for the most part in directing this OK movie.

PS Oh and I never understood why Kevin Pollak's name in the movie is Bobby but in the rottentomatoes cast sheet they have him as Chicago. They never call him Chicago in the film.

2 out 4 stars