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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

These Nolan Batman movies have been some of the best comic book films ever made, if not THE best because of what Nolan was able to do, its been truly impressive and remarkable. Turning the world of Batman and making it real, raw and gritty. You wouldn't want to be a citizen of Gotham City with all these super villains and thugs running around.

THE DARK KNIGHT rises, alas, is the last chapter in the Nolan Batman trilogy; and it goes out with a thunderous boom. After seeing it for the 2nd time, I got a better view and a better understanding on the film than the first time I saw it. Ever since THE DARK KNIGHT was released the plots on that film and this one became a little more complicated to follow, filled with little sub plots and waning from one direction to the other; but overall they were made with masterful expertise and vision by Christopher Nolan.

This time around Batman has to face the immensely strong and bald villain Bane (Tom Hardy in a bad ass role) who intensely pushes Batman physically. Even though he pushes Batman, I still think Joker planned a more elaborate and chaotic scheme to push Batman to his limits, more mentally whereas Bane managed to push him more physically. Tom Hardy's depth as an actor is awesome (if you haven't seen BRONSON or WARRIOR you must see them) Bane has a whole terror plot of blowing up Gotham City using an atomic bomb and he blows up a football stadium and the stock exchange to name a few. Batman has a little help in Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) an inspiring and courageous officer named Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and the funny and inquisitive Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) Alfred (Michael Caine) assumes the more fatherly role this time around in wanting Bruce to leave the Batman and move on. All the actors in every film have been superb and this last film is no exception.

This isn't your typical Batmanesque film with Batman taking up all the screen time and the film kind of dragged in the beginning with dialogue, but it does have enough comic book/action moments to make up for it, plus it leads up to an epic climax which will have Batman and film fans alike cheering this last chapter of the Dark Knight legend. I know I was cheering.