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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
This Means War

This Means War(2012)

I knew coming in to this movie that it was going to to be bad. I think I knew that the only actress that would keep me entertained would be Chelsea Handler (and I was right) she steals the movie with her hilarious lines, while the rest of the movie tanked. I don't think any of these actors actually needed the money desperately enough to make it but they ended up doing it and we are asking WHY? Even the action is dull, boring and falls flat for a McG film, who always tends to make energetic and frenetic paced action scenes; not this time.

The movie is about 2 good buddy spies who fall for the same hot girl (Reese Witherspoon looking very beautiful) so they embark on trying to win her over while they have other fellow spies follow her and try to find out everything little information they can about her so they can use that information to woo her. Thus leading to totally not funny moments, the comedy often feels forced and rushed and the editing feels like a music video at times. The director is MCG a former music video director as a matter of fact but I still think that his best movie was TERMINATOR SALVATION.

Chris Pine's career is sky rocketing but he took a wrong turn while starring in this movie while Tom Hardy is a very gifted actor who can play almost but he doesn't belong in the comedy genre. He's an actor who was born to play tough, bad ass English dudes with tattoos, not a gooey buddy spy chasing a girl. I can't wait to see his portrayal of Bane in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. In closing these actors could have done better in another movie, this is the first worst movie of the year.
1 and a half out of 4