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Luis' Review of 50/50

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


50/50 is a great piece of film dealing with a universal topic known as cancer. It's based on screenwriter Will Reiser's own personal experience with cancer. Joseph Gordon Levitt (one of my favorite actors) plays Adam, he lives a good decent life working at at a Seattle public radio station and has a mundane girlfriend named Racheal (played by the beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard) But Adam's decent life comes tumbling down when he learns he has spine cancer. And that's where the movie's plot begins to unravel and we see how Adam deals with the people in his life and how he handles himself, he also spends time with his best friend Kyle (played by stoner buddy king Seth Rogen)

The true subject of this film is love and friendship and how those two things can help a person heal and understand one self to get over whatever the person is dealing with and it will take all that to help Adam cope with what he has. I have always admired Gordon Levitt's work and every time I see one of his movies they always reminds me that he's an amazing actor. He can almost play any role and has played some cool and interesting characters in his career (BRICK, MANIC, MYSTERIOUS SKIN and THE LOOKOUT come to mind) and starred in some great films.

His roles are diverse and you can add this film to his great filmography. Look out for the car scene with Gordon Levitt and Rogen because it's a good and powerful scene. I liked this film because it's a touching movie filled with good performances by the whole cast (even a small role for Angelica Huston as Adam's mom and we cannot overlook Anna Kendrick as Adam's psychiatrist)that uses humor, the power of friendship and love to thwart out the sadness of a loved one with cancer. I'm going to add this film to the list of movies that have made me teary eyed (Yes I admit it, damn it) I loved the ending of the film.
3 and half out of 4 stars

I forgot to mention the fact that the film contains one of the ugliest dogs in movie history, if not THE ugliest dog in movie history. That is all.