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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Grey

The Grey(2012)

THE GREY is a thrilling, heart pounding, depressing and terrifying movie about survival. It stars Liam Neeson (in one of his best roles)as John Ottway who survives a plane crash along with other survivors, the movie folds the plot along as they have to survive the brutal Alaskan cold and wind and...hungry ravaging wolves.

We know that wolves in real life are savage predators who hunt and eat their prey but in THE GREY they are portrayed as terrifying monsters with no sense of humanity whatsoever, they just kill when they are hungry. The wolf scenes are well directed by Joe Carnahan who delivers the scenes with terror, suspense and then some. I actually jumped during 2 moments in the movie as If I was watching an horror indie film. Even though there have been some other well made survival films (ALIVE, CAST AWAY and RESCUE DAWN come to mind) THE GREY holds its own and can be listed among those great survival films.

This movie also works because it does a good job in developing the fellow survivor characters and you actually feel sorry for them when things happen to them. I also would like to mention that Dallas Roberts (WALK THE LINE) does a good job as Hendrick ( I saw him in WALK THE LINE and thought he did a good job even though he was just in some scenes. But let's go back to NEESON's character Ottway. This character is so depressive and sad because of his past BUT even after all that he manages to show leadership at a time when his fellow survivors need it against all brutal odds. ***1/2 out of 4

Stay after the credits for an interesting shot