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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Apollo 13

Apollo 13(1995)

With great acting, pacing, suspense and only a mild case of sentimental mush, Apollo 13 has all thrusters working from start to finish. Its not pro-this or anti-that to any great degree but recounts in Hollywood fashion the accident and near disaster of Apollo 13. If Ron Howard ever gets on a diet of no sap he'd be a great director, but he doesn't lay it on very thick here.

This was the IMAX version on the 2 disc Anniversary set. The theatrical release is on the other disc and is about 30 minutes longer. I didn't watch that one as the IMAX flavor has a DTS soundtrack making it the obvious choice for me. I didn't notice anything missing. Extras have a lot of historical footage and commentary by astronauts, especially by James Lovell the Apollo 13 commander. It looked and sounded spectacular. This is a movie made for the big screen, and the DVDs get a 9/10.