WaltHuber's Rating of Jing wu ying xiong (Fist of Legend)

Walt's Review of Jing wu ying xiong (Fist of Legend)

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Jing wu ying xiong (Fist of Legend)

Jing wu ying xiong (Fist of Legend)(2008)

I'm not burdened by comparing Fist of Legend with the original Bruce Lee film (Chinese Connection), since I haven't seen it. The story they share is about revenge, insult and racism in China during the 1930's before WWII. Japan was muscling onto the Chinese coast with designs on the whole country. Beyond what's essential to the story you can tell by some political remarks in the movie that the Chinese are still sore about being assaulted by Japan.

If you like in-your-face expertly choreographed martial arts with a minimum of wirework, this is your movie. These guys throw and block more punches and kicks per minute than I can switch channels on the remote. Jet Li is definitely the go-to guy for serious martial arts. The story and dialog are only adequate in keeping Fist of Legend something more than just a facade for kung fu entertainment, however. Its predictable and isn't much more than something to put onscreen between the fights.

The DVD is barebones with almost nothing on it besides the movie, and I was noticing occasional image smearing during onscreen motion. The DVD gets a 6.5/10 .