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The Call of Cthulhu

The Call of Cthulhu(1969)

[b]The Call of Cthulhu 6.8/10
[/b]A labor of love from the H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society, ...Cthulhu doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. In fact I sat through a sort of docu on making the movie just to hear it pronounced. Only one guy did and he said it real fast, just in case he wasn't saying it right, and he said it while speaking into his armpit. That's how in awe the HPLHS members are of this Lovecraft tale.

Cthulu is worthy of a full review with pics and etc..., but lets just say that it would really help if you know Lovecraft. This was made as a silent movie, possibly because they couldn't stretch the $5.86 budget to get a sound engineer, let alone equipment. That's right, Cthulhu has a budget somewhat less than Bubba Ho Tep. The ship scenes were filmed in someone's backyard, meetings in vacant homes in Burbank, and so on. There's a kernal of goodness in Cthulhu, but its not in production values. Critics love this kind of stuff, but I was less enthusiastic.

[b]Bridge to Terabithia 7.0/10[/b]
Fairly typical Disney fare, the blend of reality and fantasy is a little different. Special effects are relatively sparse, though, and there is actually a story to tell.
Letters from Iwo Jima 9.4/10
[/b]Iwo Jima might be a 10/10 if I watch it again. Much better than Flags of Our Fathers, the WWII Japanese are allowed to be human now that time brings some perspective. Filmed in the washed out color similar to Flags... it tells the tale of the doomed defenders of Iwo Jima, the first WWII battle in Japanese terrritory. About 5 weeks later, the last of the 22,000 defenders were starving and dying of thirst. Almost all of them died, along with 6,800 Americans in one of the nastiest sustained ground battles ever. Taking Mt. Suribachi wasn't such a big deal, as most of the fighting was yet to come. It just looked good.