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Walt's Review of Luis Bunuel's Robinson Crusoe

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Luis Bunuel's Robinson Crusoe

Luis Bunuel's Robinson Crusoe(1954)

Its probably because I've been watching TV's Lost that I picked up this oldie. I saw this movie once upon a time, and as I watched it again I finally came to the part that I remembered. Up to that moment I was thinking that I must've mistaken this movie for another.

Its a fairly accurate adaptation of Dafoe's story. I don't see how anyone could live alone for 20+ years without going a little nuts, and they do spend some time with Crusoe wrestling with his own sanity. Once he rescues Friday all the old stereotypes poke their ugly heads out of the sand, whereas before you could forget that Crusoe is a castaway slave trader. It does make the interesting point on how common cannibalism was not so long ago in the Pacific.

The DVD was from a restored version of the film, and while they've certainly cleaned it up, the picture is soft and the colors are undersaturated. The audio wasn't fixed well if at all and has a lot of blips, beeps and is a bit shrill. For a foreign produced film using a cheap film variant it I suppose its better than it being lost. The DVD gets a 7/10 for existing.