WaltHuber's Rating of Ecstasy (Ekstase) (Rhapsody of Love) (Symphony of Love)

Walt's Review of Ecstasy (Ekstase) (Rhapsody of Love) (Symphony of Love)

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Ecstasy (Ekstase) (Rhapsody of Love) (Symphony of Love)

Ecstasy (Ekstase) (Rhapsody of Love) (Symphon...(1933)

[font=Verdana]Ecstasy was a bold movie in its time. The Hedy Lamarr ([/font][font=Arial][font=Verdana] Hedwig Eva Kiesler) nude scene actually pissed off the Pope and Rome condemned the movie. These days that would improve ticket sales but back then Hedwig had to change her name to Hedy a few years later before she could get a major movie contract.

Its pretty tame by current standards. The 18yr. old Hedy plays a bride to a middle-aged man who'd rather play with his toothbrush on the honeymoon than with Hedy. Stupid man. Love finds a way, though not with him, and that nude swim in the pond does have something to do with that.

You watch this to see the young and beautiful Hedy. There were better poses in the movie than this famous one but ya probably gotta buy the DVD to snag them.