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AVP - Alien Vs. Predator
13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I must admit, I came into this movie expeckting it to be a cheezy, poorly written, crappy movie. To my surprize, it actually a cheezy, poorly written, so-so movie. I am a big fan of the first two Alien movies, and I have seen the first Predator movie, so a lot more of the plot somewhat made of sense to me. However, I strongly advise against anyone who is not familiar with both franchises seeing the movie, as they will not understand that hunting is just what the Predators do for sport, and they wont realize that the surprise ending actually sets up the stage for the first Alien movie, which takes place centuries later. A word of advice when seeing the movie, though: just accept any of the nonsensical facts that the movie throws at you, as questioning anything would probably ruin the movie for you.

Worth the price of a rental when it comes out on DVD, or the price of a matinee ticket, but little more.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Living In a day when an action movie is nothing more than emotionless guys in trenchcoats shooting at each other for two or three hours [i](The Matrix: Reloaded[/i]) and many movies have depressing endings in an attempt to seem deep [i](Mystic River[/i]), it is refreshing to see a movie like Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Action is exciting, and you actually care about the protaganists. The Ending isn't a fairy-tale [i]and they all live happily ever after[/i] ending, nor is it a[i] Everyone gets shot and dies boy does it suck to be them[/i] ending. What I partucularly like about the movie is the pacing. Indiana Jones is constantly getting himself into and out of new messes, all the while seeming as if he is playing the whole thing by ear. He even admits later in the movie that he's just making things up as he goes along. And in my opinion, more action heroes should act that way. It's just more entertaining. Heck, it's what made the first Matrix Better than the others. or something... yeah...