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Promised Land
Promised Land (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

PROMISED LAND. Film. I enjoyed this drama for the acting and writing, but when I think about the spectrum of dramas involving corporate abuse and general capitalist scumbag behaviour, this film is just slightly better than mediocre. The film is about a top-notch closer and his partner (Matt Damon and Frances McDormand) going to a logistically key town in the Midwest in order to secure drilling rights under as much as possible. The duo have done this before, and they arrive in the town full of confidence; however, they learn appearances and reality are two different things. There are some very good performances in this film, and the writing is very good as well. But the plot doesn't build up any tension of note. For tension, suspense, and drama you need to compel the audience to like/admire/love someone or something then you put it in danger, at risk of destruction. I guess the director wanted us to maybe like Damon's character, but he isn't very likeable or maybe we are supposed to like the town but the director fails at making the town precious and he fails to illustrate the real risks to it. In other words, it was okay but a bit dull. 6/10

This Is the End
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

THIS IS THE END. Film. This comedy is just not very funny. It could have been very funny, but instead it starts out sort of amusing as we watch Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel hang out as themselves, and then the film shifts to mildly entertaining at the party, not because the comedy is fresh or even interesting but because most of these comic actors (except Jay) become total jerks. Is this what they're really like? Do they not realize how they look? Wow.

Eventually something interesting happens in this film: the Apocalypse (yeah, with a capital A), and only a handful survive by staying in the house. At this point, the film offers up a couple of chuckles thanks to Danny McBride (word to his 'friends': you ever get stuck in a survival situation with this guy, kill him and use him for food right away). But mostly we see these comic actors struggling with trying to improv something funny out of nothing, and it's quite obvious there is no screenplay just an outline of a film - a few in-jokes does not a movie make, I don't care who you are. When the film shows a demon crawl into Jonah Hill's room with a fully visible two-foot erect penis with the intention of raping him (which it does) - that's when I had had enough. The film winds up with some action, an enormous anti-christ beast getting its penis cut off, and most of them ending up in Heaven where they dance and toke like springbreakers. Such a waste on so many levels, but I don't know why I'm surprised, since they've probably bought into their own rep and spend most of their time stupid on chronic. To sum, the film is amusing at time but mostly idiotic.

Hopefully my pain doesn't have to be yours. Avoid: 2/10

Man of Steel
Man of Steel (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL. This latest version of the Superman story gives us some pretty decent storytelling and some amazing special effects, but sadly it doesn't offer much more, although it could have, with better writing, better casting. It seems to me the screenwriters were trying to balance between trying to create a profound character out of Clark and putting together a thrilling blockbuster. It starts out developing Clark character as someone who feels alien/different amoung others, a people he is supposed to protect for some reason. But then the film gives up on character and concentrates on action and never really looks back. Christopher Nolan is one of the screenwriters, and if you think about one of his other movies BATMAN BEGINS, it's easy to see how that film concentrates on character (which is why I think it's a better film than THE DARK KNIGHT imo) and follows through as Bruce Wayne/Batman tries to find his way. It may not be a fair comparison, but if you're going to remake Superman, then do it.

The script does not give Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman) much to work with but when he does open his mouth, we discover pretty quickly he's not great at his job. I guess there's a good reason the director and producers try to surround him with supporting talent like Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, etc. Luckily for him, Cavill just has to look Superman-ish, like a cardboard cutout, for most of it. The story itself - the destruction of Crypton and the revenge of General Zod - is outlined in an adequate, if uninspired, fashion. It's too bad really, because the story has a lot more to offer. Oh well. In the end it doesn't matter because this blockbuster action film does its job well enough to entertain, barely. If I had a choice between seeing IRONMAN 3, STAR TREK, or SUPERMAN again this Summer, I think I'd stay home and watch BATMAN BEGINS for the sixth or seventh time. The interaction/dialogue between Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman still sets the comic-to-film standard for me. 5.5/10

Captain America: The First Avenger
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I like Chris Evans. I think he made a serviceable Capt. A, but the film itself was disappointing. It's action for kids, like 10 year olds. It was boring. The film had no edge. The plot was dull and empty. The train screen was a rip off of "Sucker Punch" or vis versa but SP did it better. The film is a comic hero film so there are going to be cliches, but the whole thing? The characters? The plot? Even the structure of the story? Come on.

Midnight in Paris
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Why is the film so slow? So unfunny? Owen Wilson's character is unsympathetic and stupid. Bad writing. Did someone think showing us famous names from the twenties and having them spout some lines was enough for a movie?! I understand why 20% of the film is in french. BUT WHY NO SUBTITLES?! This film had possibilities, but Allen succumbed to cliches. McAdams' character and her parents was one big cliche. Disappointing.