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Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz (2007)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes




My best friend told me not to miss this film--and I believe everything she offers up about them because she knows good film. The only store near my house is the "Evil Empire" But they did have an exclusive deal where--when you bought the movie, you got a second disc with 3 hours of bonus content. So entirely worth the walk into that horrid store.

I will rank Hot Fuzz as the funniest movie of the year-by far. English humor is so much funnier than most of the garbage that we pump out about body humor and bathroom jokes. And they try to pass those off as comedies.....I never buy it. Sometimes I think it must be a guy thing to laugh at stuff like that. I have watched, and really did try to enjoy the following: "There's Something About Mary", "Dumb and Dumber"(didn't bother with the sequel) "Me, Myself, and Irene", "Borat" and many other "comedies" that rake in the money. I just don't get them. They are not funny.

Hot Fuzz is truly funny. It has such wit, and obvious good timing. It was absolutely artistic. I will admit that I have not seen their first film, "Shaun of the Dead" but everyone says they are both alike in good writing and humor. So I will check that one out soon.

This movie is the story of a by-the-book supercop who wins more awards and kicks the butts of the rest of the London force---hence the bigwigs transfer him to this tiny little village in the deep countryside just because he was making the rest of the London Police Officers look bad.

Poor Officer Nicolas Angel who soon finds the town of Sanford a lonely joke compared to what he was used to. His days are now filled with such exciting tasks as a daily visit to the store for an ice cream cone, chasing lost swans, giving a homeowner a talking to about clipping someone's hedges that were not his own.

Soon though, he finds out there is much more than meets the eye here. A string of grizzly murders happen and no one in the town even blinks when they happen. hmmmmm odd indeed. But they all are obsessed about keeping out living statues, gypsies, and jugglers. He does befriend the chief's son Danny. A small town cop that has watched too many American police movies like "Bad Boys" and spends much of the film asking Nick questions about car chases and gun fights.

Nick Angel is so straight laced and all of these completely absurd things are going on around him. It makes for some funny, funny stuff ahead.

Best line of the film-----"By the Power of Greyskull!!!"

The outtakes on the DVD are hysterical as well.

Great cast--and Jim Broadbent was fantastic, as always.

Hairspray (2007)
10 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Good morning Baltimore!!!! Well, my best friend who was my movie-buddy until she moved away, came back in town for the weekend. We took her 13 year old neice to go see Hairspray.

I was a bit "iffy" about this film. As soon as I heard they were remaking it, I was upset. Because I absolutely love the original. So campy and fun. I did see the Oprah episode back in May where she had everyone from the cast on, and I must admit that I was curious to see the new one now.

I was most pleasantly surprised. It was a toe-tapping good time. I was looking about me in the theater(Which was packed) and noone stopped moving the entire time. It was witty and cutsy with a bit of my favorite thing---a great political platform. The horrid realism of the backward 1960's era embracing segregation. It is hard to believe that people were actually that small minded, and only 40-something years ago. But as everything comes full circle--there are plenty of things nowadays that stupid-narrow-minded people can get on their high horses about.

Back to the film. Absolutely funny. And who knew James Marsden could sing? Zach Efron was adorable in that barely legal sort of way. Our 13 year old movie pal was ga-ga over him. John Travolta's make-up just weirds me out, but he did a fantastic job in the role. The number between him and Christopher Walken in the backyard was hysterical and somehow weirdly sweet at the same time. Nikki Blonsky was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire movie. Loved her, loved her, loved her. Amanda Bynes was really good too, although everytime I see her, I think Colin Firth because I watch "What a Girl Wants" all the time to drool over him.

All in all. Great movie. I would pay to see it again, and I will buy it when it comes out on DVD. After the movie, we had to walk across the way to Virgin and I bought 3 copies of the soundtrack. One for each of us. It is residing in my car CD player right now. I listen to it constantly. I never got a chance to see the broadway show, but I do hear that this film more closely follows the musical than the original film. I love both versions for different reasons.

Excellent choice. Go see it, you will not regret it.