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The Whole Ten Yards
13 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I watched The Whole Ten Yards the other night on DVD with high expectations.
Even though I'd read reviews that it seemed like the actors were "embarassed" to be in the movie, I have a soft spot in my heart for The Whole Nine Yards. I watched it in theatres with my brother on my 18th birthday and we had a roaring good time, so I was expecting another funny story involving Matthew Perry's paranioa and Bruce Willis's tough-guy-ness pulling along an extremely simple plot.
What I got was, well, a movie where the actors seemed to be embarassed saying their lines. I still thought that Perry was pretty funny as Oz, the scared little girly-man of a dentist, but Willis, as Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski, just annoyed me. Seeing him in an apron, cooking roasts and complaining about how his potatoes were supposed to be floating around his lobster instead of mixed get the idea. The dialogue was some of the dumbest I've heard in a while, and after a while I just didn't care whether Oz's wife gets rescued, or if Tudeski and his wife (Oz's ex-assistant) are able to patch things up and get pregnant. The movie has a few laughs in it, but mostly it's that awkward feeling where you know that what the actors are saying was written to be funny, and you can almost see them cringe when they realize that it's not. Neither couple really seems to like each other, and you wonder whether it's really worth all the trouble they go through to get everyone back together. All in all, I'll still have fond memories of the first movie, but this is one that should have never been made. I cared more when a minor character died in the trunk of a car than I would have if any of the major characters had of. And that, my friends, is not a good sign.