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The Return
The Return (2003)
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev
[color=Cyan][u]MPAA[/u][/color]:Not Rated(contains violence and thematic elements.)

Instead of feeling happy for the sudden arrival of his father, the little boy in [i]The Return[/i] decides to get paranoid. Not even the positive example from his older brother convinces him that there might not be anything wrong with his returning father. So, it does get somewhat annoying when the kid?s snobby self doesn?t want to obey and ends up pissing off daddy. But there?s no denying that the child actor who played him did a very good job with the performance.

As the story moves along, you will still see a similar thing going on until its shattering climax. Most of it will take place on a deserted fishing spot where the boys and the father spend the weekend. There?s an eerie feel to that place that I can?t quite describe it, something about the cinematography and use of mist made the mood oddly chilling. Since not much is revealed about the father, the viewer will be engrossed to find out why he returned. If you aren?t looking for any straightforward answers, you will enjoy this Russian drama for what it is.

For some of us it?ll be another movie about dumb kids learning life lessons while others will be amazed by the perplexing qualities of the ending.

[SPOILER]As long as you have someone die at the end of a movie, critics will drool all over it and call it a masterpiece.[/SPOILER]


Clash of the Titans
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I was invited to a movie screening of some movie called "The Company Men" yesterday but I got there too late and it was full so the people in charge of screening that one movie felt pity for me and bought me a ticket to see whatever movie I wanted.

There was really nothing good to watch so I went to see this and it wasn't bad. I was ready to fall asleep during the first act. Good thing the giant scorpions woke me up. Nothing else in the movie is as good at that scene. I saw the 2D version. I doubt 3D would have made me like it more.

The Housemaid
The Housemaid (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you like soap operas and bitchy rich women, you'll like this. That ending is so fucked up though.

Volver (2006)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

How I wish Penelope Cruz could be in more movies like these instead of crap like[i] Gothika[/i] and [i]Blow[/i]. Nevertheless, another movie that proved she could be a good actress finally came, and in her native language which is even better.

[i]Volver[/i] feels like two movies in one at times. One of them deals with the ghost of a mother while the other story centers on a ?murder?. Though that may sound like the movie is really dark, it?s actually more on the lighthearted and funny side. I guess you may call this a ?dark comedy?? But I wouldn?t describe it that way. I enjoyed how the movie progressed and the subplots that were later revealed to having some relation with the main story. The twists were fun, touching, and disturbing at the same time. Aside from Penelope surprising me with her performance, she looked great in every scene as well. The only scene that she disappointed me was when her character was singing. You could so tell that was not her real voice. [img][/img] I?m easily impressed by Pedro Almodovar once again, but it?s expected of him to make wonderful films like these.


Ouija Board: Bunshinsaba
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I can't get enough of horror movies that take place in a high school. When its an all girl school, its even better! The bullies make it even more fun and when one of them dies, its pure satisfaction.

[i]Bushinsaba[/i] opens with a couple of girls using some sort of ouija board to curse the snobby bitches that are bullying them. The fun begins and the movie entertains whenever it stays in its high school setting. Garbage bags have never been so intense! When the movie moves along to another setting, it loses steam and becomes your typical revenge ghost flick. Is it the long hair again?