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Ride in the Whirlwind
21 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Well, a select few of you anyways. Recently joining the ranks of the repressed credit card victims, the first such foray of my life, there was no obstacle to joining and taking part in the "mail ya DVDs" world.

Now finally the time has come to work down my lists of "to watch". The library is large enough to hit most every selection. I'm loking at your journals to see your top rated picks. Don;t let me down!

Based on past performance, I'm highlighting roguebooks, but I have stuff from JennyJungle, RockinTim, Hajille, Yum-Yum, brip, and Fyodor Fish in my queue. If any of your picks fail to entertain, you'll be forced to endure ceaseless mockery in a nearly dead movie blog journal (coming to life again), so take your ratings seriously!!!!

To start I ended up with two classics, which I wanted to make ILLEGAL COPIES OF FOR MY FUTURE ENTERTAINMENT!! Ha! Arrest me if you dare! (I wouldn't say that if I lived in the United Police States of America...they'd probably do it)

The results bump up the ratings for the great City of God, and of my favorites of all time, Bad Boy Bubby.

On to the one that was new to me...

Ride in the Whirlwind can truly be called a Jack Nicholson movie, as he lists credits for writing, starring, and producing. The 1968 western paints an interesting portrait of what can happen when the reins of justice of handed to the iron fists of the self-righteous, so eager in their thirst for "justice" and revenge that they create the very kind of man they claim to abhor, when said man did not exist before their meeting.

A wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong era can be blamed, but who is ultimately responsible for murder, as a crime, in this drama? I'd say everyone.

If you do not tolerate westerns, don't bother. If you like 'em with a rougher edge, then this is for you.

The abrupt ending was quite amusing.

Good job, roguebooks! I'll allow you contiuing life and respect...until ya blow it that is! I haven't forgot that damn Julien Donkey-Boy!!!