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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie rocks! I recommend it for anyone from 12-24 (if you're twelve and scared of this movie, you're pathetic, no offense. [Kids that are 10 can still watch this movie, if you're a parent don't bring kids under ten, even some ten year old kids get scared.]) I like this movie alot, because it's darker, funner and more violent then the other films. One of the things I like about this movie is that they didn't tone it down for little kids.
I'll rate this movie in 4 categories, Fun Factor, Action, Acting, Funny. Fun Factor = 2 points (all movies have 2 points for each fun factor), Action = 3 points, this is a Sci-Fi so it has to have good action, Acting = 2 points (they didn't hire much celebrity actors, but in the other hand, we don't need celebrity actors for these kind of movies.), Funny = 1 point (this movie isn't supposed to be that funny but, it doesn't hurt to put a bit of funny in a movie.) & Tilt (Overall) : 2 points

I'll start with the Fun Factor: This movie is really fun for most ages, but sometimes sad, which is kinda fun for some people, lol. It's really exciting this movie it'll keep you in your seet.


Action: The action scenes are great! My favorite part is the dragon when... (sorry can't tell you, i'll spoil the movie.) There's 4 action major action scenes in this movie, they're not so violent so you can still bring kids that are old enough. In the four action scenes, there were two who rocked, one that was pretty good & one that could of done better.


Acting: There aren't any star actors in this movie (other then the actors that became stars because of the Harry Potter series), but still the acting is pretty good. For me, there wasn't any horrible acting in this movie.


Funny: OK, this movie has few funny scenes but there werent any ROLF (rolling on flour laughing) scenes, there could of been more funny scenes in Harry Potter. This is not one of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire's categories.


Overall Rating: 8.5 Great

Fun Factor: 9
Action: 9
Acting: 7.5
Funny: 7
Tilt: 9