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The Last Airbender
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Just saw this movie. It's not very good. The acting is terrible, the special effects are just "so-so". The script/story telling is very "event orientated." None of the dialogue serves any purpose other than to advance to the next action sequence. The Changing of the Asian charactors to white didnt bother me any, it was the fact that actors chosen were terrible. I could go on and on, I recommend skipping this one and if you have to see it, wait for it to come out on DVD or netflix.

Dragon Wars
Dragon Wars (2007)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=Arial]D-War or "Dragon War", is an incoherently stagnant, CGI ridden, jumbled mess from start to finish. From the first frame you can feel an amateurs hand at the material. This slop is the latest film from the ex-comedian [url=""][color=#003399]Hyung-rae Shim[/color][/url] who also directed the equally as terrible (and possibly more) "[i]Yoggary"(Reptilian). [/i]He is completely out of his element here. How can I say? Take all the worst scenes from [i]Star Wars: Phantom menace, Lord of the Rings, and 300[/i] put it in a blender and you can [b]almost[/b] produce this trash. This film is bad, I mean [b]REALLY[/b] bad. Whats so amazing about the movie, is how so un-spectacular it is. Its one of those movies you see in the discount rack at your local blockbuster video. You reach in your pocket, out of pure interest of course, but you still cant justify spending the 1.99 to buy it. [/font]
The film?s plot is the first problem. There is a pseudo-interesting intro about a Imoogi ( a Korean Dragon) in Korea and a young woman named Narin in Korea who must sacrifice her life to the dragon so he (Imoogi) can become a Celestial Dragon in the heavens (whatever that means). However there are not one but TWO IMOOGIs!!! Yeah you guessed it, one good and one bad how original eh? So a wise old sage (damn that guy is wise) enlist the help of a young man by the name of Haram to protect her until the time came on her 20th birthday to sacrifice herself the large Dragon (And the plot thickens). However ever there is a problem, Haram and Narin have fallen in love (awe how sweet) so instead of letting her die in the mouth of the Dragon they jump off a mountain to their deaths. So the Imoogi, errr.. Dragon, errr whatever it is has to wait another 500 years to become the Celestial Dragon. 500 years, damn that?s a long time to wait.

500 years in the present our story starts. Haram is reincarnated as a young reporter by the name of Ethan Kendrick. He is investigating a strange disaster that has taken place in Los Angeles (why does every movie take place in Los Angeles??) Strangely enough the FBI gets involved, not usually the people who come to check out natural disasters, but anyway I suppose it?s necessary for the ridiculous plot to take place. Meanwhile, Ethan suddenly remembers an old guy when he was young telling him about a Korean legend and puts two and two together and remembers some woman named Sarah who he protected 500 years ago (in his past life), so he uses his two most powerful tools to locate her: The Internet Data Base and a Big Fat Black guy.

The black guy is purely there for comic relief, delivering one liners and loud quirky silliness we expect from our stereotype carbon cut out characters. He is also magically always around to get Ethan and his lady friend of out any trouble that may arise, using, purely, his blackness of course.

Secondly Narin has been reincarnated too as the beautiful Sarah Daniels who is another carbon cut out. A helpless woman who is just in the middle of something bigger than her, (uh huh...). There?s also the slimy FBI agent who some how discovers why the Dragon (the evil one) is looking for her and has decided that killing her would be the best course of action. Meanwhile, the Dragon goes from door to door like a ?scaly? salesman (surprisingly undetected) looking for her most of the movie. There are even beings resembling the Dark creatures from the Lord of the Rings in Shiny Armor, who can reflect bullets with their shields. The creature's leader looked like a lame [i]talking[/i] version of "Darth Maul.( I?m assuming a follwer of the evil dragon) There are lots explosions and heroic deaths with no real characters to care about. There isn?t a sense of urgency seeing that you don?t care what happens to any of those involved. The acting and performances are not only terrible, they are "razzie" terrible. Anyways, Kevin finds Sarah and they spend the rest of the movie running from the dragon until a very unsatisfying climax.

D-war is a stale, uninspired, tired, regurgitated, borrowed piece of trash. [url=""][color=#003399]Hyung-rae Shim[/color][/url] is under the misconception that bigger and louder is better. As a director he doesn't understand the material itself, and by not realizing what he is working with he has failed to convey any vision that he may or may not have had. Transformers is also very loud and very big, but it is a much better film because Michael Bay understands the material is hokey. He understands the mere concept of Transformers is silly and never tries to make the movie more than that. He has fun with the project and wants the audience to have fun too. [/font]
[font=Arial]This film tries to be too serious. The movie feels clumsy and never really started with a solid foundation; resulting in the crumbling of the film far before the last frame. Apparently this movie took 6 years to make. If [url=""][color=#003399]Hyung-rae Shim[/color][/url] took 6 years on this project and this is all he could muster, he should seek other fields of employment. I feel really sorry too, because the Korean media is pegging this movie as ?On Par? with Hollywood films, proving Korea's place in the world's Cinema. They couldn?t be more wrong. It may win awards in Korea, and break box office records in the tiny Republic nation, but that's as far as it will go. The only thing it has proven is exactly how NOT to make a movie. Im not saying Hollywood always does things right. I can count hundreds of movies that were terrible coming out of Hollywood. However, this D-War thing is one of those films that just makes you want to boo, hiss, throw popcorn and burn the place down.[/font]
At the end of the feature there is a little Biography about [url=""][color=#003399]Hyung-rae Shim[/color][/url] himself and the struggle it took to make the film (all in text and pictures). This last little bit cries, "please watch my film I worked so hard", a self gratifying approach, which is soo Film-maker Masturbation. For those who don?t understand what I mean, "think" about it. This is the worst movie I have seen in a while. You can feel the contempt in my words. There is nothing more in this world that I hate, than to sit through a piece of trash, especially one of this caliber. Its takes a very special filmmaker to make something truly great and the same could be said about the latter.
D-Wars opens September 14th under LIMITED release in the states. I don?t see this fairing very well with American audiences who have seen other quite superior movies this summer. [i]----Don?t worry, no CGI Dragons were harmed in the filming of this movie[/i][/font][i][font=Wingdings]J[/font][/i]

[font=Arial][i]Rated PG-13 for intense Cinematic violence and mild language[/i][/font]