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11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
L.A. Story

L.A. Story(1991)

Happy holidays to everyone from Me, Nancy and the cats!


Of course, the problem in working with cats is that even when the put themselves in a spot where you'd want to take their picture, they never stay there...


I watched the severely underrated Steve Martin movie L.A. Story this week. It's notable for a number of reasons - on the surface it's very broad comedy, but there are tons of very subtle bits in there too; it's the only thing that I've ever really liked Sarah Jessica Parker in; it continues Martin's trend where even though he keeps getting older, his romantic lead is always 26 years old (Daryl Hannah in Roxanne, SJP in this, Claire Danes in Shopgirl); it captures the absolute magic that is definitely there in LA, and it also shows how hard it is to fight through the superficiality there to find the magic. But the magic is definitely there - I wonder if this movie would seem as good to someone that hasn't lived there? Maybe that's why it's underrated... I'm not a huge Enya fan, but they use one of her songs in one of the last scenes, and it every time I watch it, it gives me the chills. One of the best matches of song to movie ever, I think.

On a personal front, I'm buried in my thesis, so I don't have lots to say at the moment.

So I'll leave you with one of my favourite pictures from this year - Nancy and Zamboni with her flamethrower...