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I Fidanzati
I Fidanzati (1964)
8 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[b]I really have no good excuse for my posting laziness except that RT is so darn slooooowwww. Argh, I can't take it. It takes about 12 years for one page to load! Anyway, I had to at least share 2 movies that I've seen recently that I have loved. [/b]

* So apparently if you search for pictures of this movie on Google image search page 5, there awaits a link to my review of Adventureland. Really? *
[b]I Fidanzati - Deceptively simple and so strikingly beautiful and captivating. Not too much happens at all, but something about it just grabbed me and threw me for a spin. It doesn't try anything crazy, it's just a breath of fresh air. [/b]


[b]Romance and Cigarettes - On the complete opposite side of the world from I Fidanzati lies R&C. It's vulgar, sexual, and OH so much fun. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. The singing is just too great...this has got to be one of the most original, crazy, and fun musicals out there. Kate Winslet is amazing as usual...and she somehow helps brings a human connection to this film, making it even more than just a good time. [/b]

The Christmas Toy
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[b]The Christmas Toy is the best Christmas movie ever. Period. I watch it every year religiously. If you haven't seen it, you have 25 hours from now to do so. Oh - it's Jim Henson - so you know it's good.[/b]


[size=1][b]*Don't know why the 96 is there*[/b][/size]

[color=blue][b]10/10 :fresh: Care Bears: The Nutcracker[/b][/color]

[b]Why can't I rate Care Bears: The Nutcracker? Well, that's the second best Christmas movie ever. Period. Which I also watch religiously. GO WATCH IT!![/b]

Day of Wrath
Day of Wrath (1948)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[b]*Yes, I know this review is RIGHT AFTER Transformers. Sorry, I watch a lot of different things...*[/b]

[b]I'd put this on the same level as the other Dreyer film I recently watched, Ordet. Both are solid films that are lacking just a bit. This one really picked up with an interesting story in the second half, had another knockout ending, and some pretty sweet cinematography. Too bad the first half dragged too much. I seriously think this guy was obsessed with watching people burn at the stake! [/b]

Tekkon kinkurīto (Tekkonkinkreet)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[b]I found out about this movie from the MILLION ads on RT a few months ago. Thankfully they advertised it because it was really good! Great characters, fun and detailed animation, and lots happening. Paprika kind of reminds me of this. It gets kinda crazy at the end, and I really believe it demands repeat viewings which I will surely be giving it. A nice balance between vibrant action and slower moments. [/b]


[b]Crazy? Yes. Disturbing? Yes. Good? Yes. Fantastic acting, especially from EM, but I just don't think I could ever watch the movie again. It goes into the Requiem for a Dream category of drug movies which are good but not rewatchable. Thank God it wasn't awful like Fear and Loathing, though. I actually cared for the characters here and felt it was more than just a dumb drug trip. I felt their pain here, where in F/L they just annoyed me.[/b]

Youth of the Beast (The Brute) (Yajū no seishun)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[b]Please see Project EveryFriday for review. [/b]

[b](Thanks for posting entry, Dustin.) [/b]

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