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Serenity (2005)
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[color=white]Y'know, once in a short while a film comes along that just blows you away. Serenity blew me away guys. The dry witty humor that Joss Whedon masterfully writes, the action that is just pure eye-candy, and the emotional weight these characters carry as you watch them do these extraordinary things. [/color]
[color=white]I felt excited, sad, angry, and just plain giddy as I watched this beast unfold in front of me. Nathan Fillion returns as the grisled captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds and he plays this part flawlessly. He carries it through and delivers every single moment he is onscreen. River, played by Summer Glau, returns and continues her spiral into her fragmented mind only to find things more terrible than she can deal with. There to protect her is her brother Simon(Sean Maher) who has broken her out of the Alliance facility where she was made a killing machine. And the crew of Serenity once again returns with Gina Torres playing Zoe and her husband Wash(Alan Tudyk) who pilots the ship. Jayne Cobb played brilliantly by Adam Baldwin is personally my favorite and he still retains his goofy humor and his bada[font=Arial]s[/font]s behavior, which is always entertaining. Kaylee(Jewel Staite) is still insanely cute and does her part throughout the film... and she gets a little treat at the end, which was nice:D. And on a lesser note, Inara(Morena Baccarin) and Shephard Book(Ron Glass) return in smaller roles, but nonetheless make their huge impact on this thrilling story. Chiwetel Ejiofor playes The Operative and he is just a pleasure to watch. He plays the part so perfectly that it made me smile and grin with anticipation of what he was going to do next. And Mr.Universe(David Krumholtz) is hilarious to me and he was pretty much spitting out joke after joke which made me laugh. Great great casting guys:up: Us Firefly fans are proud.[/color]
[color=white]Now the story, as straight forward as it is, holds a few suprises so I will not say anything. It has to do with the Reavers, whom we never met on Firefly, but that's all I'm willing to say.[/color]
[color=#ffffff]And with that I give Serenity a perfect score. Best Science fiction film in years and without a doubt deserving of any praise it gets. I think it's a treat for fans and will no doubt make a few more. Kudos to you Joss Whedon. Fantastic job.:fresh: :up: [/color]

Firefly - The Complete Series
12 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


So, just get Firefly and come Friday go to your local theater and watch Serenity. You will not be disappointed at all, I promise. Just be sure and go in have a good time... and don't be serious! FUN is the name of the game my friends.:)