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Sky High
Sky High (2005)
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie was just as amazing as Batman Begins. I was shocked! Michael Angarano is a very talented actor in my eyes. Him and Danelle are truely goin places. The other actors did great also. This story is great with great direction and great humor! I found myself laughing so mant times......and when i wasnt laughing i was smiling. The special effects are awsome for a Disney movie. It really doesnt feel like a Disney movie at all. So, with a great unpredictable story, a lovable cast, great effects and talented director Sky High soars!!! This is posibly the best movie i have ever seen.

Dark Water
Dark Water (2005)
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is utter crap! With crappy acting and a horrible plot! This is the worst movie to come to theaters this year! Its not even scary! Who is afraid of water? Dumb movie!

Fantastic Four
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Its, fun, awsome and well, FANTASTIC! The Anting was great, the trailer makes the acting look awful, but its really good! There were some parts in the movie where i was laughing my ass off. The visuals are amazing! Just everything about this movie is great! Forget ROTTEN321's negative posts! He sucks! I was watching the movie and i was like "Why does he hate this movie so much" I was also wondering why roger ebert gave it 1 star. Then i was like oh well fuck them! I really enjoyed this movie. Jessica Alba, Chris Evan etc. They ARE the Fantastic Four. I was the first one to start the cheering! I was sooo glad to hear most of the people in the theater clap at the end. This movie was PACKED! it was almost sold out and it was the first showing of the day! I hope more people go see this movie. Go see it this weekend!

[size=4]10/10:fresh: [/size]

War of the Worlds
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Im not in the mood to make a long review so lets just say, the acting was GREAT! The special Effects were terrific! Everythin was done right! This movie is actually pretty frightening so dont bring very little kids. Wow! What a great movie! Best Alien movie ever!! And one of the best movies ever!!!!

Go See It! ([size=1]if you havent seen batman begins or fantastic four yet see them first!:) . thank you[/size][size=2])[/size]

[size=4]10/10 A+:fresh: [/size]

Batman Begins
Batman Begins (2005)
11 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I cant believe how good Chris Nolan did on this movie! Evrything is an A+ on this movie for me! The acting was the best i have seen this year! The Action was also the best action i have seen this year! The story, wow it was awsone! The villan was great too. The movie was not focusing too much on him but more on Batman!The visuals in this movie are great too. Christian Bale was absolutly perfect for the role of the caped crusader! There was not one second in this movie where i wasnt entertained or drawn in close to the movie! The is the first batman movie to get it absoluty right!
Everyone will enjoy this movie! I went to the midnight showing of this movie and i woke up early just to tell you how great it is! I reccomend you buy your ticket over an hour before the movie starts! The midnight showing was pretty much sold out with over 2,00 seats filled! I swear to you, this is no lie! When the movie was over everyone stood up and started screaming, cheering and "woo"ing! I was so glad to hear everyone enjoyed it as much as me! Evryone please go see the movie now!!!!
Best movie of the Summer, Best Movie of the Year and if its the Best movie of the year that means this movie is the best movie ever for me! Go See It! There is no doubt that i wont see this movie over 5 times in the cinema!
[size=3]10/10 A+[/size]

Oh yeah, The trailers before the movie were aplauded and "boo"ed at! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Four got a lot of aplause! War of the Worlds got a lot too but, not as much. It was pretty silent after the Now Worls trailer. There was some "boo"ing for Stealth and last of all was the Dukes of Hazzard, which got a lot of aplause!