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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Undefeated

The Undefeated(2011)

Sarah Palin does more to expose the left in their hypocrisy, hate and intolerance than anyone else. This documentary proves that much, especially in the first of three Acts.

To the objective eye, there's no doubt why she garnered an 80% approval rating while governor of Alaska as she took on big oil and corrupt politicians. I have no doubt she'd had done the same in Washington. Since she's decided not to run for office, I think her star power will keep the conservative message in the forefront and eventually help get rid of the worst administration in history.

The only criticisms I have are that they could have used different music instead of the same score that went on through the entire movie. Also, I think two hours was a bit long and the director's message would have been just as effective in 90 minutes.