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Despicable Me 3

Not a bad Minion movie. They could have made the sub-plots funnier but it's worth a watch.

Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo

Good documentary, using an abundance of original NASA footage and interviews with the people in Mission Control.


Enough plot twists to keep the audience interested for this 2-hour plus flick. I didn't really like the Mike mouse character. You can't really root for him until the bad guys are after him. Too bad they had to have the donut-licker Adriana Grande singing a song with Stevie Wonder at the end. Judging from the last scene, I suspect a sequel.

Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

80% of the audience and 5% of the critics like it. One thing this movie does outside of showing the true beginnings of the Democrat Party and the extent of its corruption, is expose the liberal media for who they really are.


Kids will love the Minions, Boomers will love the soundtrack. Just fun all the way through. Make sure you stick around after the credits for a little surprise.

Left Behind
Left Behind(2014)

Not surprised at the leftist critics' panning of a Christian movie. Listen to the audience instead.

The Book of Life

Strange flick with "Day of The Dead" overtones. They were smart to release it for Halloween time but it's still weird seeing skull drawings from start to finish. Kids will like it... maybe. BTW, the character kissing Maria puts his finger in the air as to say "Just a moment", not to flip anyone off. I'm sure we'll see pig toys on the market soon.

The movie carries a message of not killing animals, especially bulls in the bullfighting arena. It's one of the reasons Maria has a pet pig. Feminism rears it's ugly head on top of everything else.

Heaven Is for Real

Whole cast is good, especially Greg Kinnear. I think RT should get more unbiased reviewers so that there's not so much difference between the audience and the reviewers ratings.

America: Imagine the World Without Her

Dinesh Sets The Left Straight. D'Souza displays the usual leftist talking points (i.e., excuses to hate this country even though they refuse to leave if it's so bad) and then proceeds to tell the true side of the facts. Must see.

The Dark Knight

Drag-on, Dark Knight. The biggest flaw was the dialog. Every scene had so many words I thought they would run-out. Blame the script writers for that one.

The directing wasn't much better. He was obviously bent on using that annoying camera that constantly had to circle the characters every five minutes it seemed.

The producer also was self-obsessed. A two 1/2 hour movie with so many false endings really had the audience wondering when the thing was going to wrap-up already.

It was too dark for a movie based on a comic book character. Many of the scenes, especially near the end were too hard to see and therefore too hard to follow. Even Batman's voice was bad.

A good editing job instead of a belabored one, a tighter script instead of a sermon and a little humor thrown-in would have made this much better. Now tell me why "Pretty Woman" was rated "R" and this was rated "PG-13"...


Great balancing act from the gate to the finish line. Disney didn't go overboard with cliche's or schmaltz about this bio-pic of the greatest athlete on four legs. The best effects are riding along with the jockey around the track. It will get your heart racing.

Also, the time period is spot-on.

My Brother the Pig

Impossible concept. Even kids won't think it's funny. Crazy butcher is just a distracting, useless sub-plot. Best actor is the pig.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Good sequel with the reliable good vs. evil story. Some good surprises with the characters and some not so good. In any event, look for Dragon 3.

The Undefeated

Sarah Palin does more to expose the left in their hypocrisy, hate and intolerance than anyone else. This documentary proves that much, especially in the first of three Acts.

To the objective eye, there's no doubt why she garnered an 80% approval rating while governor of Alaska as she took on big oil and corrupt politicians. I have no doubt she'd had done the same in Washington. Since she's decided not to run for office, I think her star power will keep the conservative message in the forefront and eventually help get rid of the worst administration in history.

The only criticisms I have are that they could have used different music instead of the same score that went on through the entire movie. Also, I think two hours was a bit long and the director's message would have been just as effective in 90 minutes.

Nanny McPhee Returns

Decent storyline with good special effects and mostly entertaining while not hilariously funny.

If you can drag yourself through the first twenty minutes of cows crapping, birds burping, kids puking, excrement/mud combos and cows farting, the movie will get a little better. That's not saying too much.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Unfortunately, I saw this over-hyped, campy, cheesy, uber-cliched dreck when it was new. To this day, I don't know why it has so much appeal. I knew people who saw it 30 times in the theatres... Why?? It was just a boring, predictable story with a lot of special effects. Lucasfilms is still laughing at the audience's gullibility.

Puss in Boots

I never saw Shrek, so I was able to watch it without that goofy ogre in my mind. The story is about what I expected and it was funny enough. Kids will like this more than adults. Animation was superb.

One thing I didn't like was that there wasn't enough "real cat" action. The funniest parts is when Puss gets hissed at by Kitty, he laps milk out of a glass and some of the other cat acts are realistic. But why do the cats have human teeth??

I thought it wasn't necessary for the egg to slide into a golden egg in his personal area (haven't we had enough of that patently unfunny bit of sexism in movies by now?) and I think his character looked and sounded just like the late John Candy.

Overall, it's worth a look.

An American Carol

Great satire. What makes it so is that it knocks-off the absurdity of the left with the simple truth, and does so while making them out to be the fools they are.