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Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Originally posted at Otherwhere.Co

I was tapping my toe and singing along to this entire movie! Sure, yes, I heart the musical genre like my chihuahuas love cheese, but that in no way lessens the awesome music in this movie. From frame one, it is high energy visuals, spewing rock and roll epic-ness in your face.

Tom Cruise struts around like a perpetually drunk peacock, while his baboon squawks at everyone. Alec Baldwin is missing his iconic tuxedo and plays the perfect washed up club owner along with the slightly tamer (shocking, I know) Russel Brand. Julianne Hough and Diego, are all young and cute and so frackin' talented that I hate them a little bit. And of course there is Catherine Zeta-Jones, who looks like she just stepped out of a JC Penny catalogue and yet, can still wail Pat Benatar.

The story is genre trope-y, whatever. The plot line can be a little jumpy, who cares! It is crass and raunchy and made you want to wash your hands (but in a good way). Any movie that ends with Journey and has a boat load of amazing actors who are clearly having the best time of their lives, can't be anything less than obscenely fun.

You will leave with "We Built this City" stuck in your head for days. Guaranteed.

Snow White and the Huntsman
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Originally posted on Otherwhere.Co

It amazes me how some movies are allowed to get released. Do the creators just not see the issues? Or is it still more of a money game? Don't answer that I sadly know the answer.

The production values were through the roof, the glass shard army was dynamic and intriguing. The music was phenomenal, haunting and edgy. The costumes, the sets, blah blah blah it was all top notch. Yet, I could't care about any of the characters.

Every single character was completely flat. There were no relationships built or established, with the exception of the Queen's creeptastic brother. They tried to make a pathetic attempt at a love triangle with no basis of anything! The dwarves had the most character but they were only on the screen for the last half hour!

Don't even get me started on Kristen Stewart. I like her, I do, however she was the completely wrong person for this role. She is too detached, too dark and too indie for a period role as a romantic. The Huntsman and the Prince are supposed to fall in love with her, but there is zero chemistry between any of them. I love you Kristen but stick to what works.

The Point: Production values matter not when you don't care for the characters for snot.

Men in Black III
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Originally posted at Otherwhere.Co

I try not to think about the fact that the first Men in Black came out almost fifteen years ago. That freaks me out! and makes me feel old. And yet, Will Smith doesn't seem to have aged a day, hm.

The ongoing problem with sequels, is their inherit expectations. The first one had to be good enough to warrant sequels in the first place (usually that means it was above average, usually), making it that much harder for the subsequent installments to rise to the occasion. If Men in Black III had been the first one, there wouldn't have been sequels. Like so many others, the first remains the best.

The storyline was quite loose and provided no new revelations (until the very end). We have seen all the tricks up the MIB's sleeves and so it was a simple return to the comfortable familiar. It was fun to ride around with Agent J and the young Agent K, played brilliantly by Josh Brolin, as they romped through 1969. However, I had to try to hard to care. It's been played and at this point, it's the brand carrying it. I predict a rather sharp drop off in ticket sales after this weekend.

A renter at best but doesn't live up to the rest.

What to Expect When You're Expecting
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Originally posted at Otherwhere.Co

Sometimes the best parts of the movie all end up in the trailer and the movie itself ends up being a waste of time. What to Expect..., was borderline there. There was some great quirky humor, especially with Elizabeth Banks who never disappoints. The Dudes Group was certainly entertaining but the gag died quickly and became nothing more than filler as the show went on.

Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford were just ridiculously cute together, but the twist in their plot line was a bit to down for this comedy. The rest of the couples were borderline annoying and their specific schticks were incredibly overdone. To be fair it's hard to have a legitimate story arc when the final pay off is a bunch of screaming babies.

There is enough humor and cuteness to make a decent renter, but this isn't the next Love Actually.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows (2012)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Originally posted at Otherwhere.Co

They could have just put up Tim Burton's name on the screen for the trailer and I would have shown up for this one. I'm a bit of a fan girl when it comes to Tim and his work with Johnny. Taking a stab at the silly soap Dark Shadows is so right up his alley and really who better to play Barnabas Collins?

Johnny makes good use of the original material to play the, misplaced in time vamp, come to save the family reputation. Every expression, movement and reaction was so spot on, Johnny was a blast to watch in this role. Bet the make up was fun to put on everyday too.

The rest of the cast clearly was having a good time playing their ridiculous, yet colorful roles. I particularly loved Eva Green as the scorned lover and evil witch. I won't give anything away but the final fight scenes with her at the end were sick, loved the special "doll" effects they did on her. Very original.

Unfortunately, Dark Shadows, suffered from too much story crammed into to too little time. It was as if they were trying to take the entire story line of the show and stuff it into two measly hours. The plot was jumpy, and often unconnected leaving you wondering, "How the hell did we get here?" Several characters didn"t receive their due development and without a solid plot line the story meandered aimlessly.

The Point: Tim Burton knows how to entertain through his unique characters, vision and humor, however the lack of focus and jumpy pace makes Dark Shadows, one of his weaker movies. A good renter.